Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Breaking News! Armada is Dead!

FFG today announced that they are actually not going to produce any new Armada content, starting immediately.  To quote from the link below:

Article Here

"Despite consistantly strong Armada sales, we determined that we want to move on from any new product."  And lest we think that this is related to the COVID-19 outbreak and a disruption in supply chains, it continues.  "we didn't kill Armada becuase of COVID-19 or supply chain issues.  We just really like X-Wing and Legion better."

But not to worry, even though Armada is cancelled, FFG has many more games for us to play: "We can use the production we would have used for Armada to produce our new in house IP squad based miniature game - Keyforge: Battle Lines, with every unit unique and procedurally generated!"

FFG's spokesperson, Worthington Asmodee III (nĂ© FFG), was quoted directly as saying "honestly it was the complaining on the Adepticon Panel livestream that was the last straw.  I'd rather just not deal with it anymore."

FFG's announcement also deals with the new Clone Wars cards:  "I'm surprised only a few people caught that we just made them up a couple days ago.  I figured the different layout and OP abilities would be a dead giveaway.  Get rekt'd scrubs!"