The Academy

Welcome to the command track!  These articles are designed to get you up to speed quickly with the particulars of commanding multiple ships and squadrons in combat.  I've arranged them in a way that I think makes the most sense for someone just starting out.  This assumes that you are familiar with the various ships and squadrons out there for you to command, so brush up on the accompanying Commander's Guides first!

Fleet Command Module 1 - Building a Fleet

Module 1:1 - General Concepts (Wave 1)
Module 1:2 - Ship Roles and History
Module 1:3 - Archetypes in Armada
Module 1:4 - Point Values

Fleet Command Module 2:  Objectives

Fleet Command Module 3 - Maneuvering and Navigation

Fleet Command Module 4 - General Fleet Strategy

Module 4:2 - Tournament Points and Squadrons
Module 4:3 - Lessons from Worlds
Module 4:4 - Guest Commentator Jonathan Reining (Worlds 2015 Champion)
Module 4:5 - Lessons from the World Cup
Module 4:6 - Tournament Points and Winning - 400 Point Update
Module 4:7 - Interview with Josiah Burkhardsmeier (Worlds 2016 Champion)
Module 4:8 - Regionals 2017 Fleet Data
Module 4:9 - Interview with Norm Weir (Worlds 2017 Champion)

Fleet Command Module 5 - Advanced Strategy

Module 5:1 - Tactics, Accuracy, and Defense Tokens
Module 5:2 - "Whaling":  How to Deal With Electronic Countermeasures
Module 5:3 - Deployment and Action Advantage - (Video)
Module 5:4 - Mitigation of Activation Advantage
Module 5:8 - Does Gunnery Team Teach Us Bad Tactics?
Module 5:9 - Is the MC80 "Terribad"?
Module 5:10 - The Art of Tanking
Module 5:11 - Incorporating a Healer 
Module 5:12 - Combat Air Patrol
Module 5:13 - Squadron Task Forces
Module 5:14 - Activation Quality vs Activation Quantity
Module 5:15 - Flechette Raider
Module 5:16 - Making Garm Great Again Fleet 1 - 2 - 3
Module 5:17 - Zugzwang

Fleet Command Module 6 - Larger Conflicts


FAQ Updates - 7/24/15
FAQ Updates - 12/21/15
FAQ Updates - 3/18/16
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FAQ Updates - 4/12/17
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Out of Date Articles

Assault Objectives
Defensive Objectives
Navigation Objectives

Starfighter Combat (Old "Star Wars: X-Wing" Articles)


  1. Hello there! As a new player to this game, this guide was really helpful. To be fair, I read all the articles before actually played a single game, I just bought a core set and a few ships. So, I wasnt aware the fact, that there is quite a huge difference in the dices apart from the range (what was quite obvious from the begining). So, as a new player, I thought red>blue>black, but I couldnt be more wrong(realised this after reading a couple of articles). So I just had a look on the dices now, did some maths to see wich dice is the best for different tasks. But, could you please do such an article to the page? I think it would be a nice addition. Cheers!

    1. Not a bad idea. I've been playing so long that I haven't even thought of dice outside the context of the ships and upgrades. I think I will write that dice focused topic pretty soon.