Meet the Writers

Matt "Biggs" Kelsey

Biggs started playing X-Wing sometime in Wave 2 and jumped into Armada when it was released because it was was the game he had always wanted to play.  He started writing articles on objectives because he couldn't find any, and has been writing ever since.  When he is not writing or playing Armada, he can be found working as an EMT at his Hospital's Emergency Department, volunteering with his local Fire Department, or playing board games with his wife and friends.  He has won a Store Championship, a Regional Championship (and placed 2nd and 3rd at two others), placed top 16th at Worlds (2016), and technically showed up for US Nationals (2016).

Bryan "Shmitty" Schmidt

Shmitty had been keeping his own Armada blog "Concentrate Fire" since shortly after coming in 2nd at GenCon 2015.  After collaborating with Biggs on a couple of projects we decided to go ahead and combine our powers here.  One of his pet projects is to collect data from the various Armada tournaments and produce spreadsheets of the data for players to pour over.

Chris "Truthiness" Fritz

Truthiness started blogging during his first deployment to Afghanistan in 2012, focusing primarily on Warhammer Fantasy. He started getting into Armada after his second deployment, around the same time GW gave their Fantasy players a giant middle finger. He got started with Armada during late wave 1, using Vassal to compensate for being stationed in the middle of nowhere. He won a 2016 Store Championship in Tuscon, AZ before moving back to Maryland in time for Regionals season. He beat Biggs at the Martinsburg, WV 2016 Regional, of which he reminds Biggs as often as possible. He placed 8th in the 2017 Glen Burnie, MD Regional using Garm. Yes Garm. When not wasting time on the internet, Truthiness spends all the time the Army allows with his wife and two wonderful children.

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