After Action Reports

Sometimes the best way to learn about a game is to watch other people play.  Now, most of the games here involve me in some way (Biggs) and I don't claim to be the best by any stretch.  But there are things to be learned just the same in mistakes as there are to be learned by success.  As someone once told me:  "You never learn anything if you win all the time; but if you lose, that is your chance to correct what you did wrong."

Summer 2016 Tournament Season

Biggs - Trying out Waves 3&4
Biggs - Gozanti Wolfpack

National Championship Season - 2016

Biggs - Morgantown (Four Horseman) Store Championship
Chris - Drawbridge Games Store Championship
Biggs - Pittsburgh Regional Championship
Biggs - 2nd Place Martinsburg Regional Championship

Armada World Cup

Wave 2 Vassal Tournament

Round 1 Biggs vs Zanos
(I lost R2's save file, and R3 was an "unable to schedule" - sorry.)

"Truthiness" (1st Place) - Tournament Thoughts

Blogger Fight!  ("Shmitty" of Concentrate Fire! vs "Biggs" of Steel Squadron HQ)

Biggs vs Shmitty
(Offsite) Shmitty vs Biggs

1st FFG Forums Vassal Tournament

"Biggs" - Round 1 vs Brian Black
"Biggs" - Round 2 vs Dab Darklighter
"Biggs" - Round 3 vs Doobleg
"Biggs" - Round 4 vs Matt Shadowlord Initial Thoughts
"Biggs" - Round 4 vs Matt Shadowlord Gameplay

Massing at Sullust - 10/4/15

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