Sunday, July 16, 2017

Konstant Kontact - Biggs goes to Mr Nice Guy's Store Championship

Not much time to write about this one.  I came up with it last night, just before going to bed:

It's Admiral Konstantine!

Konstant Kontact - 399/400

Advanced Gunnery
Jamming Barrier
Salvage Run

Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer - 166 points
 - Admiral Konstantine
 - Avenger
 - Veteran Captain
 - Electronic Countermeasures
 - Boarding Troopers
 - SW-7 Ion Batteries

Quasar Fire I-Class Cruiser-Carrier - 69 points
 - Admiral Chiraneau
 - Expanded Hanger Bay

Gozanti-Class Cruiser - 43 points
 - Suppressor
 - Minister Tua
 - Electronic Countermeasures
 - Slicer Tools

Darth Vader - 21
Maarek Steele - 21
Col. Jendon - 20
Morna Kee - 27
Mauler Mithel - 15
Ciena Ree - 17
Total Squadrons - 121 points


Avenger and Boarding Troopers did excellent work last game.  It can be both cheap and hit like a sack of bricks, so let's make it even better!  Upgrading it from a I-Class to a II-Class let it equip Electronic Countermeasures, to keep it alive longer.  SW-7 Ion Batteries let all the Blues count as hits, for annoying Lando related moments.

Quasar Fire gives us a second ship for playing with speeds thank to Special K himself.  Our friends can either slow down before they get to the party, or speed up and leave us alone.  Either one is fine.  It can push 5 squadrons, and they all can shoot and scoot thanks to Admiral Chirpy.

Suppressor is a new trick I wanted to try out.  A surprisingly durable Gozanti tricked out to run interference on the enemy.  The title plays well with Avenger, and Slicer Tools combines with Konstantine to keep an enemy at the speed I want them at.

Ciena Ree can go do whatever she wants to do more or less by herself.  Hopefully holding down a bomber or two.  Col Jendon can work his magic with any of Vader, Steele, or Morna for maximum damage output.  Morna averages near 3 on squadrons, 2-something on ships.  Maarek puts close to 2 on ships, and guarantees 1.  Vader has psudo-bomber with his black die for ships, and puts out 3.25 average on squadrons and a max of 5!  Mauler Mithel just hops around like a damn fool.

For objectives, Advanced Gunnery lets me go hog wild with Avenger.  The other two... I just want to try out Dust Fields.

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