Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Forbidden Love of Lothal

Agent Kallus looked out over Capital City as the sun set.  Hunting down the source of the Rebels on the planet had been harder than he thought, and ever since coming to the Lothal system this had been his first real failure as an Imperial Agent.  He sighed, stroking his clean shaven chin, as his other hand swirled the imported Alderaan Blood Wine that Minister Tua had poured him.  He had taken a lot of effort in maintaining his mutton chops, keeping them just within the limits Imperial Agents were allowed.  He considered them to be his finest feature, his one concession to independence in an organization that demanded his total obedience.

"It is a lovely evening," Minister Tua offered to top off his goblet, but he waved her away.  He had had enough already since coming, and his head was starting to swim.  She continued to pour anyway.  "Thank you so much for coming up to see me."

"I could hardly refuse you, Minister." he replied.  "After all, I am at your disposal until Governor Price returns from her trip to the Core."  He was beginning to feel stuffy in his stiff uniform.  Minister Tua, by contrast, had already changed into civilian clothing.  He envied her ability to go off the clock when the time got late.

"Please, call me Maketh when it's just the 'Tua' us here."  Minister Tua's face turned bright red at her own joke, and she started to snicker.  Kallus could not help himself, and laughed as well.  He could feel his own skin start to flush - he definitely had drank too much.  "I do so enjoy your company Kallus.  I didn't ask you here for business.  No, I am lonely tonight, and wanted your company."

Kallus paused, unsure of what to say.  He had thought that he had come to be given a new task, or to simply report on his progress hunting the Rebel group that had been causing so much trouble in the area, but he had to admit that he too had been feeling alone.  Sitting alone in the spartan room of his Arquitens Class Command Cruiser, he had quickly commandeered a shuttle and returned to the surface when Tua's request for a meeting had come out.  Had he craved her companionship as well?

"My my, you're blushing Kallus."  Truly he was.  Well, he couldn't stop it now.  "It looks... nice.  The red goes well with your beard.  You know, I always had a thing for men with your facial hair style."

"I..."  He stammered, but regained some of his composure.  "I am glad you find it acceptable.  I had some difficulty maintaining it to ISB regulations..."  Had she always been sitting this close to him, he wondered.  She was awfully close, and there was plenty of seating in her spacious office.

"Please!"  She said.  "Enough of this pretense!  I know that we are the two most desirable Imperial Officers in this sector!  We're cheap, I am only 2 points, and you 3!  I can give your Command an extra Defensive Retrofit!"

"It cannot be!"  He protested.  "There aren't enough slots!  I only have room for me as an officer on board my ship!"

"NO!  We must be together!  Think of how great we could be!  I want your Big Black Anti-squadron inside my dice pool!  I want to fondle your Cluster Bombs at the same time your Advanced Projector removes the shields from my rear hull zone!"

Will Agent Kallus fall prey to his steamy seductress?  Will he risk being ridiculed for putting two officer upgrades on a single ship without the Phoenix Home title?  Stay tuned for the next installment of The Forbidden Love of Lothal!  (I'm not writing another one.)


  1. You are truly the hero of the rebellion xD

  2. ...excuse me while I go stab my eyes out

  3. Okay, so.

    After Reading the second part of Forbidden Love of Lothal I had to do a re-read of this one. Biggs, when will we get the second part? Now that the SSD is a reality that will son hit us, these two can be together at last and see their love Bloom!

    1. Their love remains tragic, as Tua cannot give the SSD a defense retrofit per the developer interview at Adepticon.