Armada Commander's Guides

The Commander's Guides have been the biggest draw for this blog, and I'm glad to keep adding to them as I am able.  If you are just getting started, they should be a big help for showing the general concepts and strategy for the ships out there that you can put into your fleet.  That being said, more in depth discussion is out there as well - check out The Academy once you've familiarized yourself with this list to really get up to speed on what makes Star Wars Armada - in my personal opinion - the best miniature game out there.


Imperial Ships

Wave 1

Wave 2
Imperial Class Star Destroyer - Revised in Wave 7
(Wave 7 Revised) Raider Class Corvette

Waves 3 & 4
Gozanti-Class Carrier
Interdictor  - Advanced Construction

Wave 5
Arquitens-Class Light Cruiser

Wave 6
Quasar Fire Class Carriers

Wave 7
Revised Imperial Class Star Destroyer

Super Star Destroyer
Star Dreadnought Prototype
Executor-Class Star Dreadnought (Coming Soon)

Wave 8
Onager Class Star Destroyer / Test Bed

Rebel Ships

Wave 1

Wave 7
MC75 Cruiser

Wave 8
Nadiri Starhawk


Imperial Squadrons

Wave 1
TIE Fighter 

Rebel Squadrons

Wave 1