Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Audience Participation - Screed and the ISB

I came up with this list last night.  Thank you GiledPallaeon for providing the janky restriction, and Formynder4 for adding Isard into the mix.  Without further ado, I give you...

Screed and the Imperial Security Bureau

The best art, for the best Commander!

The List:

395 / 400
Assault Objective: Station Assault
Defense Objective: Fire Lanes
Navigation Objective: Intel Sweep

Interdictor-class Suppression Refit (134 points)
-  Admiral Screed
-  Director Isard
-  Disposable Capacitors
-  Ion Cannon Batteries
-  Targeting Scrambler
-  G7-X Grav Well Projector

Interdictor-class Suppression Refit (111 points)
-  Intel Officer
-  Disposable Capacitors  
-  NK-7 Ion Cannons  
-  Targeting Scrambler
-  G7-X Grav Well Projector

Quasar Fire I-class Cruiser-Carrier (72 points)
-  Stronghold
-  Wulff Yularen
-  Flight Controllers

Black Squadron x1 (9 points)
TIE Interceptor Squadrons x3 (33 points)
Lambda-class Shuttles x2 (30 points)

The Strategy

The list is designed to be a prickly long range opponent that can strike while the opponent is approaching, and turn to broadside without losing any firepower.  The heavy hitter of the group is the Intel Officer Interdictor, who's main goal is to strip the opponents of their defense tokens while they are on the approach, before the rest of the fleet hammers them.  Screed guarantees a NK-7 activation, while Disposable Capacitors lets the ion cannons reach out and hit at long range.  Targeting Scrambler helps defense if they get in close, and G7-X Grav Well Projectors mean that the engagement probably won't start until a later round to begin with.

Speaking of which, the flagship does similar things.  Isard is on-board to help out with the ISB theme, while Disposable Capacitors and Ion Cannon Batteries let Screed pump out more damage with the ship than one would normally expect.  Again G7-X Grav Well Projectors give an even bigger area (roughly 1/2 the deployment area) where the opponent cannot start at full speed and again Targeting Scrambler keeps close in enemies from overwhelming the ship.

The Quasar Fire I-Class is there to provide cover for the rest of the ships, in terms of a dedicated anti-squadron carrier.  Black Squadron and the TIE Interceptors are improved by Flight Controller and Stronghold, while the two Lambdas are set to move around and push objective tokens.

Is it a good list?


No it is not.

So it's the perfect list to take to a fleet patrol and mess around for 2 rounds.  Maybe I'll learn a thing or two by playing around with it?