Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Answering 6 Month Old Questions: FAQ Update 12/18/17

We had a new FAQ!  Let's go over the updates in detail:


Rapid Launch Bays:  "Instead" is struck from the text, making the bays work as intended (and previously FAQ'd - as they did not work as written).

Jamming Barrier:  No longer works if you are overlapping a token.  Also the line between objective tokens now includes the token itself.  Not a major buff / nerf in any reasonable way, but a good clarification.

All-Out Offense:  Adds an "Assign Target" step where Dodonna type effects are applied to only one enemy commander.  Will likely see tournament use in Team Tournaments, making Dodonna not completely insane.


Can a ship resolve multiple dials for the same command?  No.  Dial + Token, just Dial, or just Token.

Clarification on when ships are in play, or set aside, and when ships that have been set aside are deployed and thus in play.  Changes nothing.

Strategic can move tokens under ships / squadrons, and out from under them as well.  This is not new information.

You can't boost the speed of a "special move", like Fighter Coordination Team.

Card Clarifications:

Damaged Controls:  The damage is assigned during the Move Ship step.  I don't know when else it could possibly be?  All other overlapping effects take place at the same time, so the player gets to choose the order to resolve them.
- See also Dangerous Territory
- See also Minefields

Targeting Beacons:  You can resolve it once, even if multiple tokens are in range.

Base Defense: Armed Station - You can only "activate" the station if it can shoot at things.  That also means that if you don't have any ships left to activate, you can't trigger the station as it is not a true activation.  You are forced to pass if you have no ships left to activate.

Luke Skywalker:  No seriously, you do have shields.  Luke just ignores them when he's blasting you, not when you're flipping up damage cards from his attack.

Armed Station:  It can shoot things overlapping it.  It can attack them anywhere.  It can't obstruct itself.

Admiral Konstantine:  Cool!  His special ability can resolve against EVERYONE in all-out assaults.  Doesn't mean he should ever see one though.

Admiral Screed:  Quad Laser Turrets / Agent Kallus / Screed can guarantee damage against attacking enemy squadrons.  Quad Laser Turret / Concentrate Fire Command / Screed can guarantee a hilarious miss against any attacking enemy squadron.

Admiral Sloane:  Spent tokens can't be used on that shot, but other tokens of that type can be used.  This is not a change from the general consensus.

Boarding Engineers / Boarding Troopers:  Choose tokens / cards all at once.  Flip them one at a time.  You can't choose the same ones twice.

Dual Turbolaser Turrets:  Resolve the effect fully before beginning any new effects.

Electronic Countermeasures:  This card is not magic, and cannot let you do illegal things.

Flechette Torpedoes:  Quad Laser Turrets / Agent Kallus don't let you cheat squadrons out of activations.

Flight Controllers:  Doesn't boost Col. Jendon's special ability.

G7-X Grav Well Projector:  Does not work if there isn't a ship in play with the card.  Tokens are not removed.  In other words:  When a ship is deployed out of hyperspace (or Raddus) it is still affected by the G7-X token.  However, if the Interdictor that allowed this token to be place is itself in hyperspace, or destroyed, the token does nothing.
- See also:  Grav Shift Reroute

General Dodonna:  Remember "Assign Target" step for All-Out Offensive?  Dodonna doesn't work against everyone.

General Rieekan:  You can choose whether or not to use his ability when a ship / squadron is destroyed.

Hondo Ohnaka:  Plays exactly like he should.  You may have to assign tokens to your opponents ships, if you don't have enough to go around!

General Organa:  You can't do a command with more than a Command Dial + Token guys.

Quad Laser Turrets:  Defender chooses the arc the Counter attack is coming from.  Helpful if you ate an obstructed shot, but they are in another arc's LOS.

Squall:  Move your squadrons before you even reveal your dial.

Task Force Antilles:  You can't use more than one copy of the card in a single attack.

The Grand Inquisitor:  Only triggers when your opponent changes the speed on their speed dial.

That's it.  Nothing too exciting.  No major nerfs or buffs.  A couple interesting rule effects.

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  1. It occurred to me that wouldn't it be fun in the situation where the station is armed if the defender gained an activation by formally requiring the station to be activated....