Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Best Use for Each Ship - Imperials

After taking a look at the Best Use for Each of the Rebel Ships, it is time to do the same for the Imperials.

Please remember, this isn't about the only use.  It's just my very subjective, although obviously correct, opinion on the best use for each of the Imperial ships.

A VSD in its old-EU role of planetary bombardment
Victory Star Destroyer - An old EU design that was I think based off some concept art for the ISD.  The Victory was a Clone Wars era ship that was still used by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War.  It's usage really dropped for awhile in Armada, but some key upgrades have had it making a comeback of late.  Opinions on this ship vary from useless to a staple.  Although it is derided for only being speed 2, I think it is the lack of yaw that hurts it more.

VSD I - Slow speed and black dice are not a great combination.  I find that the VSD I is really best when used to create areas that you don't want your opponent to fly in.  Whether there is room in your fleet for an area-denial ship is really the question here.  It was used as a carrier for awhile, but the Quasar has really taken that role away.  It can still make a solid carrier that no one will want to get close to.  This ship is best with Kallus, H9s, and the Warlord title being used to murder squadrons.

VSD II - The Vic II got a huge boost from a single upgrade - Disposable Capacitors.  This upgrade alone has turned this ship from one rarely seen to a staple in my local area.  It gains a huge threat range with that upgrade.  Give it Quad Batteries and Gunnery Teams and you have a fairly economical, slow-rolling gunship.  This ship is best used as a support battery with DCaps, Gunnery Teams, and QBTs.

Those kinda look like First Order TIEs
Gladiator Star Destroyer - This ship is a serious old-EU deep cut.  It was the flagship of Admiral Screed, the antagonist of the short-lived Droids cartoon.  Despite its rather anonymous origins it has been a staple of Imperial fleets since the beginning of the game.  As the game has matured, multiple Gladiator fleets have dwindled, but the Demolisher title itself has ensured that the GSD remains among the most commonly taken Imperial ships.

Gladiator I - This is the poster child black dice brawler in Armada.  It has an immense damage potential, especially with Ordnance Experts to make those black dice even more reliable.  This ship is best using the Demolisher title to move in and unleash close range death.

Gladiator II - There are 2 small differences between this and the GSD-I.  An additional flak dice and a single red dice in the side arc.  Many players won't play this version as those side arcs lose some strength and reliability for black dice crit effects.  I've seen some use of this as a flak boat as well, but I think there are better ships for that job.  I can't believe what I am about to write here...This ship is best used with Sensor Teams to gain an accuracy to work with those close range attacks.

I hear the Imperial March just looking at this ship.
Imperial Star Destroyer - I really don't need to introduce this one do I?  I would imagine many players started Armada just for the chance to fly one of these around and blow up rebel scum.  It's the biggest, toughest, most powerful ship in the game and with the newest upgrades is also one of the most common.

ISD I -The ISD-I lost its spot as the highest damage potential ISD when the Kuat was released.  So, for this version you really want to take advantage of the double Offensive Refit upgrades.  Most of those can help turn the ISD-I into an excellent battle-carrier.  I've tried multiple times to make RLBs really work with the ISD-I, but just can't find a squadron compliment I really like.  This ship is best kitted out as the games best battle carrier.

ISD II - This ISD variant was initially very popular for the inclusion of the Defensive retrofit that helped it survive longer compared to the ISD-I.  I think in a lot of ways the Cymoon Refit is going to take the place of many of the ISD-IIs that used to be played.  It no longer has the best range, the Kuat hits harder, and the ISD-I can be a better carrier.  The ISD-IIs niche seems to be using Ion Cannon upgrades.  It packs enough blue dice in each arc to go for blue crit effects.  This ship is best using Heavy Ion Emplacements to do massive damage at medium range.

ISD Kuat - Ordnance upgrades on an ISD?  Sign me up!!  This is ship that nobody wants to be in close range of.  Its overall damage potential is just terrifying.  It trades long range potential for close range death.  It is one of the few ships that can combine multiple crit effects using Fire Control Teams in a scary way.  This ship is best using Governor Pryce to setup devastating last/first attacks.

ISD Cymoon - I have to say I was partially bummed when this ship came out.  I liked the symmetry of each side having some unique upgrades.  I got over it and am glad to see the Imperial side also have access to Fleet Commands.  The Fleet Commands are a little tough to maximize on the expensive ISD platform, but especially Intensify Firepower! can be amazing.  This ship gives the Ackbar MC80 Assault Cruiser a run for the title of best long range ship.  It also goes amazingly well with my favorite Imperial admiral - Darth Vader.  This ship is best throwing out insane amounts of red dice and re-rolling them with Vader.

Raider Class Corvette - The raider was actually created by FFG with the help of Lucas as a new canon equivalent of the CR-90.  The ship made its way to Armada before then eventually making it in to the latest Battlefront video game.  Seems like a fun win for FFG.  Beyond that the Raider is the premier flak ship in the game that players tend to have a love/hate relationship with.  I personally love them, but know many Imperial players that refuse to use them at all.

Raider I - Best summed up as black-dice-anti-squadron-death-machine.  Unlike Rebel corvettes, I think Raiders work best flying very close to your big ships.  The Raider I can be built a couple of ways depending on the Ordnance upgrade chosen: ship-hunter or squadron killer.  Either way, it is still serviceable in the other role.  No matter what, it takes practice to get the most out of it.  This ship is best using Ordnance Experts and Flechette Torpedoes to lock down opposing squads.

Raider II - No one was quite sure what to do with this ship when it first came out.  Some recent upgrades have given a niche, but really effective role.  This ship is best using Disposable Capacitors and Heavy Ion Emplacements in a Vader or Screed fleet to punch WAY above its weight.

Gozanti Flotillas -  A hip the originally appeared in one form in Attack of the Clones, a militarized version of it turned in to an Imperial staple in the Rebels cartoon series.  It serves as a transport and light warship for the Imperial fleet.  As the cheapest ship the Imperials can get it is often used as activation padding while pushing around a couple of squadrons.

Gozanti Cruisers - The most ubiquitous ship in Imperial fleets, these little guys can do quite a bit.  The most common uses I see are using Comms Net to pass around command tokens or acting as a light carrier.  My favorite use is as a electronic warfare platform.  The best use of this ship is with Slicer Tools and the Suppressor title as the best electronic warfare ship in the game.

Gozanti Assault Carriers - You don't see these very often as the basic Gozanti is often taken as they are cheap, so why take the more expensive version.  The extra range is nice though.  The best use of this ship is in a fleet with Intensify Firepower for very reliable, if low level, long range firepower.

They are cool looking though.
Interdictor Cruiser - This is a ship resurrected from the old-Eu in function more than form.  The Interdictor seen in Rebels is much larger than the old-Eu version, but seems to share the same gravity well shenanigansIn Armada, the Interdictor gets some really interesting, although challenging to fully exploit, upgrades.  They suffer from becoming very expensive when fully upgraded, but having relatively anemic firepower for that cost.

Interdictor Suppression Refit - This is the more common of the 2 variants as it allows 2 of the Experimental Retrofits to be taken, which is the whole reason you brought an Interdictor to begin with.  It also makes a really solid platform with Ion Upgrades with 3 blue dice from each arc.  I pretty much have Ion Cannon Batteries stapled to mine.  This ship is best with Projection Experts and Targeting Scramblers in the Inter-doctor role.

Interdictor Combat Refit - So, you trade that second upgrade slot for some better range and better flak.  The conversion to red dice just makes it harder to get off blue crits.  So, maybe in an Intensify Firepower fleet.  This ship is best as a really over-priced and under-gunned cruiser with a single trick up its sleeve, seriously this may be the worst ship in the game.

Arquitens Cruiser - Another ship brought forward from the Clone Wars, the Arquitens provides the Imperials with a light cruiser for long range fire support.  It's unique being the only real dedicated broadsides ship in the Imperial fleet.  It has a really odd maneuver chart, that definitely takes some practice, especially at high speeds.  I'm a fan in Vader fleets.

Arquitens Light Cruiser - This ship isn't going to win many fights by itself, but excels at chipping in firepower to help overwhelm a target.  Picking the right Turbolaser upgrade is an important consideration.  Needa/TRC is popular and I do think some kind of dice modification is really important.  If you have Vader or IF! then dice addition from Slaved Turrets or QBTs is a better bet.  This ship is best in a Vader fleet adding long range firepower to whatever your big ships are shooting at.

Arquitens Command Cruiser - This version has a better squadron value, but really shines for that Support Team slot.  There are fun games you can play with Engine Techs and QBTs to get more firepower out of it.  Projection Experts also has some potential.  This ship is best in a Thrawn fleet taking advantage of the multiple dials to be an all around threat.

Quasar Carrier - Another old-EU ship brought into Rebels.  The Quasar seems to have been super-sized in its new-Canon configuration.  Although it is an Imperial ship, it spends most of its screen time as the flagship of Phoenix Squadron.  It is a truly specialized carrier and does a nice job at that, but not a whole lot else.

Quasar I - I like this as a cheap carrier for strong TIE based alpha-strikes.  The Stronghold title can even help keep them safe.  If the Imperials ever get a good squad for Rapid Launch Bays this will be a great launch platform.  This ship is best launching alpha strikes of TIEs using Flight Controllers and Expanded hangars to overwhelm your opponent.

Quasar II  - You are bringing this ship for one reason, so you may as well run with it.  The red anti-squadron die gives this ship a massive anti-squad bubble.  May as well use it.  This ship is best with Agent Kallus and Ruthless Strategists to throw out long range squadron death.

Okay, that's it.  The best way to use every ship in the game.  Feel free to disagree in the comments or on the forums.


  1. So you're telling me that 92 points of dedicated flak platform is the single best use for the Victory I-class?

    1. You're telling me it isn't?

      Still, if it were me and not Shmitty, I'd go with Kallus, Ordnance Pods, Ordnance Experts. 83 points of anti-squadron, and a heavy hitting short range if something got close. Fly it in formation with something you don't want anyone flanking.

    2. I'm saying that External Racks and Quad Battery Turrets is also an attractive option

    3. That is probably the sensible choice. I was going for something unique it could bring to the table.