Thursday, April 1, 2021

Steel Strategy Valheim Rebrand!


So it turns out that Valheim is really fun and much more popular than Armada ever was, so Steel Strategy is proud to announce our rebrand to a 100% Valheim podcast, blog, and streaming community!

Our biggest problem reaching a crowd with Armada players was that there just aren't that many of them out there.  That's why we've never been able to get beyond 11th biggest gaming podcast in the Ukraine, and why Cannot Get Your Ship Out outperforms us on the blogging front.  Also why we never seemed to get people watching our streams.

But Valheim is one of the biggest games of 2021!  And frankly it's been far too long since Armada has had a release anyway.  So looking at the numbers we're going to be doing much better by playing Valheim instead and talking about it here, on the podcast, and live with our twitch streams and youtube!

Daring sailing raids by Truthiness, epic base construction by Shmitty, and color commentary by Biggs is just some of the content you'll enjoy to improve your own Valheim gameplay!

Come celebrate our triumphs, and laugh at our failures in 2021 and beyond with Steel Strategy's Valheim Campaign!

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