Thursday, March 7, 2019

I have a Pelta Problem

I REALLY like Fleet Commands.

I also generally prefer flying Rebels.

This means I have been compelled to make more and more use of the Pelta in my Rebel fleets.

The Pelta is not a good ship.  

Phoenix Home from Rebels, it didn't last very long in the show...maybe that was a clue for Armada players.
It is in fact possibly the worst ship that the Rebels have.  But I keep using them because I always find that the Fleet Command that they bring to the table is worth the perceived dead weight of the Pelta.

So I have been playing a lot of games with the Pelta.  And with all that experience I have found that they are in fact, pretty awful.  But they do have a few places that they can contribute and the Fleet Command is consistently worthwhile.  So, if you are like me and a fan of Fleet Commands, let's look at what it takes to get the most out of an unfortunately inefficient ship.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

World Cup Finals - Aresius vs NebulonB

Yeah, I'm reusing this picture, so what?

Did you ever watch the "Mighty Ducks 2" where the Ducks were drafted to represent the US in a junior hockey world tournament?  And they played Iceland and got wrecked, then they played them again in the final?  Well, buckle up kids, because we've got BOTH POD 4 PLAYERS IN THE FINAL.

That's right!  For the first time in World Cup History, two players that played themselves in the POD rounds will meet at the top of the bracket to determine who will be the World Cup Champion!  And the US isn't invited!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Battle Report - Garm's Dumpster Fire vs Mon Mothma

Recently Biggs and I had a bit of a long back and forth about designing a Garm fleet that used the admiral's flexibility to have a fleet with some strong gunnery backed up by some bombers.  You can read the thought process HERE.

Life intervened a bit, but I finally got a version of the fleet on the table and wanted to share with you all how the game went.  I ended up against a buddy's Mon Mothma fleet that had something of a similar strategy, with a bomber wing supporting TRC equipped CR-90s.

This gave us the chance to play out a classic EU Rebel Grudge Match.  Who should have the right to lead the Rebellion, the Senator from Chandrilla or Space Dad from Corellia?  Read on to find out!

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Semi-finals Matchup - Mhd vs NebulonB

On the other side of the semi-finals, we have Mhd and his "Sloane Redux" - a 4 ship build with a mix of aces and generic squadrons, and NebulonB, the last Raddus.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Semi-Finals Matchup - Clontroper5 vs Aresius

On this side of the bracket, both Clontroper5 and Aresius have both been here before.  Clontroper5 won it all in the inaugural World Cup of 2016, while Aresius made it to the Semi-Finals in 2017, losing to the eventual winner JJs Juggernaut.  Neither appeared in 2018 - Clontroper5 still unable to compete, and Aresius being bounced in the Quarterfinals.

Will Clontroper5 move on for a chance to repeat his 2016 Championship?  Will Aresius step up and make the Final he missed out on the last two years?

Monday, February 11, 2019

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Sector Fleet Commander Ranking (Two Player)

That's right friends, it's time to talk about the Sector Fleet Rules and argue about which Commanders are the best!