Imperial Comeback

"All according to my plan.  We let the Rebels think they've won, they get overconfident, then we trap them in a web they won't escape.  Focus on the Leadership."

Special Rules:  Take Grand Admiral Thrawn as your commander.  He costs you nothing toward your 500 points.  If he has been destroyed already, you get to take him anyway.  If your rebel opponent says something, tell him "Biggs said so, trust me."  He should trust you, this is a friendly game.

For now.

You no longer win or lose based on score at the end of the game.  You win if you destroy Luke Skywalker and the ship with Leia Organa equipped, or by them being stranded on the planet.

Destroy the Rebel Flagship if you can.

Any cost is worth it to capture them.  Your Emperor wills it.

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