Rebel Comeback

"We've only got one chance at this, so we've called in the cavalry."

You're really gonna get rolled, if you didn't have one last ace up your sleeve.  Don't take Garm Bel Iblis as your commander.  Take anyone else.  Take the following ship and set it aside near the play area.  If your opponent asks what it's there for, tell him not to worry about it.

MC-75 Armored Cruiser  (if you don't have this ship, any Large Base rebel ship will do, no ExRacks though)
- Garm Bel Iblis
- External Racks

You're allowed to have 2 Commanders and 2 Flagships in your fleet.

At the start of Round 5, you may deploy this ship as though it was set aside and deployed by Admiral Raddus.  If your opponent says you can't, tell him "Biggs said I could."  Note:  Start of Round 5.  Enjoy those tokens.

Good luck saving your guys.

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