Vassal Tournament Previews

Here is the new place to find preview information from the various Vassal Tournaments.

Matchup of the Week:

"Next Armada Event on Vassal" - Final Table
HERO vs Lyraeus
Maturin vs emfrank72

Vassal Team Tournament - March / April - 2016

Team Analysis

Church of Rocco
Bacta the Future
First Time Vassalers
Alderaan Choices
Alamo City Fleet
The Vanguard
Full Jar Jar
Hammers of Kuat
Objectionable Content
Chaos Shanghied

Matchup of the Week

Round 1 - Ardaedhel vs Caribbean Ninja
Round 1 - JJs Juggernaut vs Jarenis
Round 2 - Sorry, I was busy.
Round 3 - Captain ICT vs Zanos

The Galactic Civil War - April / May - 2016

Matchup of the Week

Round 2 - Ianediger vs Dorrin314

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