Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Corellian Conflict Strategy - Initial Builds (Imperial Part 2)

But Biggs!  What about Imperial Big Ships?!

Well, wait no longer!

Initial Imperial Builds:

Victory Class Star Destroyer  - It's the best of Wave 1 new and improved for Wave 5!

Assault Upgrade:
VSD2 and Gunnery Team - The best friends of Wave 1 are still all you need for a terrifying tool.
Dominator - Probably best on a VSD2, it's a lot of hurt in a (relatively) small package, especially on low upgrade opponents.

Defensive Upgrade:
VSD1 and Expanded Hangers - The cheapest way to get 4 squadrons activated at once, Imperial side.
VSD1 and Dual Turbolaser Turrets - Long range combat - though the Arq does it better from the side, the VSD has more staying power, and hurts up close too.

Assassin Upgrade:
Don't take a VSD to an assassination attempt.  Too slow.

Interdictor Cruiser - They'd better not think of getting away!

Assault Upgrade:
Supression Retrofit and SW7 Ion Cannons - It's a respectable amount of damage from each arc.

Defensive Upgrade:
Targeting Scrambler - The best defensive upgrade out there, and one of the best reasons to take an Interdictor.

Assassin Upgrade:
Grav Shift Reroute - You can do some very, very mean things with this in Corellian Conflict.

Imperial Class Star Destroyer - You know you are going to have at least one in your 3 lists.

Assault Upgrade:
ISD2 w/ Gunnery Team - Come on.  You know this goes together like Peanut Butter and Jelly.
ISD1 w/ Veteran Gunners - Another excellent combination that lets you maximize damage from the beefy front arc.
ISD1 w/ Expanded Hangers - 5 squadrons at once.

Defensive Upgrade:
ISD2 w/ Electronic Countermeasures - It's really hard to kill if you have your brace.  Forces Intel Officers on enemy ships at 7 points a pop.
ISD2 w/ Blast Doors - Oh god it's really hard to kill as well.   Doesn't force anything though, but 14 hull (17 w/ Motti) is not going to get scarred easily.

Asssassin Upgrade:
Leading Shots - The best points for your rerolls, and you can still take Advanced Gunnery if the Rebels get frisky on Turn 1.

I guess we talk about squadrons next.  Oh god, that's a can of worms with a lot of viable options.  I'm not entirely sure where to start.


  1. I would argue that ISD1 with Ordnance Experts trumps ISD1 with Veteran Gunners as an assault build and is easier to upgrade going forward

  2. Dominator on a VSD2? That's an upgrade best for the VSD1. You need it for the additional accuracies. Putting it on a VSD2 makes it cost almost as much as an ISDI, with less hull and manueverability.

  3. Dominator on a VSD1 with (or without) expanded launchers becomes a heavy hitting monster for use against MC80s