Sunday, February 5, 2017

Matchup-Of-The-Week: JRockNZ vs Roquax

It's East Coast of the Western Hemisphere vs So Far East A Lot of  Us Think It's West.  Roquax of the North American Continent vs JRockNZ of New Zealand.

Strike Force Screed

Roquax - Strike Force Screed 

Points: 381/400

Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer (110 points)
-  Minister Tua  ( 2  points)
-  Ordnance Experts  ( 4  points)
-  Reinforced Blast Doors  ( 5  points)
= 121 total ship cost

Gladiator I-Class Star Destroyer (56 points)
-  Demolisher  ( 10  points)
-  Intel Officer  ( 7  points)
-  Ordnance Experts  ( 4  points)
-  Engine Techs  ( 8  points)
-  Expanded Launchers  ( 13  points)
= 98 total ship cost

Arquitens-class Light Cruiser (54 points)
-  Captain Needa  ( 2  points)
-  Turbolaser Reroute Circuits  ( 7  points)
= 63 total ship cost

Gozanti-class Cruisers (23 points)
-  Comms Net  ( 2  points)
= 25 total ship cost

Gozanti-class Cruisers (23 points)
-  Comms Net  ( 2  points)
= 25 total ship cost

[ flagship ] Gozanti-class Cruisers (23 points)
-  Admiral Screed  ( 26  points)

= 49 total ship cost

The highest bid.  A Clonisher.  An ISD.  6 Activations.  Who needs deployments, we're going for the throat!  He's one big twice and he hopes to win big during elimination, but the loss to PT106 still has to sting.  Remember, it's not how big you win but by just that you do.  His opponent:


Points:  397 / 400

Imperial I-class Star Destroyer (110)
- Intel Officer (7)
- Gunnery Team (7)
- Quad Laser Turrets (5)
- Point-Defense Reroute (5)
- XI7 Turbolasers (6)
    • Total : 140

Gozanti-class Cruisers (23)
- Repair Crews (4)
    • Total : 27

Interdictor Suppression Refit (142)
- Admiral Motti (24)
- Commandant Aresko (7)
- Projection Experts (6)
- Quad Laser Turrets (5)
- G7-X Grav Well Projector (2)
- G-8 Experimental Projector (8)
    • Total : 142

VT-49 Decimator x4 (88)

He wasn't even supposed to be here, folks.  Motti commands an ISD1 with all the fixin's (minus an Ion Cannon), a Repair Crew Gozanti, and his flagship an Interdictor.  Four Decimators look to run rampant.  Grav Well Projectors and Experimental Projectors attempt to control deployment and movement, to get his big gun to bear.  A tanky list up against a hard hitter.  3 Activations, 5 deployments, and 397 bid lose him all initiative in this match, but Grav Well Projectors could be the equiliziser.

The Matchup:

JRock has some advantages here - with no fighter cover, his Decimators are capable anti-ship not-bombers averaging 1.5 damage per squadron, and capable of hunting Gozantis solo.  That said, he is out activated, out deployed, and quite possibly out matched in terms of damage output from Roquax.

The question then becomes which side can out maneuver the other, and while JRock has the advantage in fighters, Roquax has the advantage in ships, and enough advantage to afford to lose a couple of Gozantis in the process.

Biggs' Pre-Match Bet:

Roquax wins this one hands down I think.  Not a good matchup for JRock unless he can make excellent use of those VT-49s and catch Demolisher napping, only one of which is likely.  He'll need both to pull it off.

Keys to the Game:

1)  The Squadron Game - Can JRock make the most of his VT-49 Decimators?  Can they be where he needs them to be the turn he needs them there?  Are they enough harassment to keep Demolisher away?

2)  Demolisher - Any list with a 98 point Clonisher style needs to make sure it doesn't give it up to a stupid mistake.  Sure, he can trade any one of his ships for an opponent's big boy, but he can't afford to lose it without getting something in return.

3)  ISD Position - These monsters are going to hold down a lot of territory for objective play.  And if they clash, it should be fun to watch.

Want to see the game?  Come by Monday at 8pm EST to to watch the matchup... live!  Or watch it from Vassal itself!

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