Wednesday, June 17, 2020

ReyLo in the Rim? - Geek19 & Biggs Semi-Exhaustive Article Blitz

Hello again everyone.  I'm Biggs and I'm partnering with Geek19 over at CannotGetYourShipOut to talk about something we've both been doing a lot of lately - Rebellion in the Rim.  We're going to be doing a lot of articles on it over the next couple weeks / months / whatever, and this article is going to be our jumping off point.  He's writing one similar to this over on his website now.

I'm going to be making a bunch of ReyLo references throughout this because when I asked to join him in his insane quest to write these articles, I did so by spamming him pictures with Kylo holding his hand out for Rey.

Goal of the Articles:

By the end of reading our articles, you should know quite a bit more about Rebellion in the Rim (RitR).  Our goal with writing these are to have a source for players to learn about RitR.  By the end you'll learn:

- How to construct a RitR list that fulfills your goal for the campaign, be it to be competitive, thematic, or just fun for yourself and your opponents.
- How to synergize and work together with your teammates towards victory.
- An understanding of the different green objectives and map locations, and how to use them to your advantage.
- How to compete in a way that hopefully maximizes everyone's fun.

But really, this is so that Geek and I can get all the crazy disjointed thoughts and "truths" we've been coming up with down into words, if only so that we can see if our thoughts make any sort of sense.

What is Rebellion in the Rim (RitR)?

The second of FFG's campaigns for Star Wars: Armada, RitR gives us not just a game to play, but the physical product gives us 8 new squadrons for the Rogues and Villains Squadron Pack, and 12 new objectives, and well as a ton of upgrade cards, meaning that even if you've never played the campaign, if you're trying to play Armada competitively, you've got a copy of RitR onhand.

Because it is the second campaign, it's quite a bit better put together than the first - Corellian Conflict - which had the tendency to snowball quickly out of each player's control.  Not that RitR doesn't snowball, but it does contain catchup mechanics that help a team that is losing out on points to get back into the game.  It differs from the usual "tournament" format quite a bit, as you don't take a commander upgrade card, but instead craft your own custom commander which you level up over the course of the game.  Also it starts at 200 points instead of 400.

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Plus you need at least 3 other people to join you and play with you semi-regularly.

Outline For the Articles:

We've got quite a few planned, and bear in mind this is a bit tentative, so the actual articles may change.
Article 1:  You're Reading It!  Basically just an introduction.
Article 2:  Me and Mine Alone - A primer on fleet construction / Commander creation.  How to progress your list so that you (win / keep thematically / keep things competitive) HAVE FUN!
Article 3:  Us and Ours - Team work makes the game work!  How and when to work with your team towards the team goal of ultimate victory.
Article 3.5(?):  Setting up the board.
Article 4:  Walking through a campaign turn.  The order in which things happen, how they happen, and how to use them to your advantage.  Will probably be required reading so everyone knows how things work.
Article 5:  Them and Theirs.  Battle and Fight it out against the opponent.  How to win!  (With style!)  Where to win!  (Where they don't want to fight!)
Article 6:  Green Objectives.  They're kinda crazy.
Article 7:  Us and Them, Ours and Theirs.  Pivotal / Climactic Battles and how to play as a team.
Article 8:  Wrapping things up.

Who Are We?

I'm Biggs, you probably know me from this blog that I write with Shmitty and Truthiness or the Podcast I do with Shmitty.  I've played through 2 RitR campaigns and I'm working my way through a 3rd now, as both Rebels and Imperials.  I've been playing Armada since it was just a core set, dropping X-Wing when it came out because this was the game I always wanted to play.

Geek19 also plays Armada and has been playing some RitR campaigns as well.  He's been putting out the more regularly updated CannotGetYourShipOut blog since about Wave 2 with his buddy Snipafist.  He's 2-0 against me, but sorely behind in Tournament Points vs Steel Strategy as a whole.

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