Sunday, July 26, 2020

Biggs vs Truthiness: Round 1

We're blitzing through our Grand Moff Rebellion in the Rim at a quick pace. The first round is already over, and as of this writing, the first game of round two is already complete!

Rikash pulled off a close win over Madaghmire at Lothal 117-87. Unfortunately for my underlings, they failed to secure victory at either Felucia or Mandalore. Apparently, Brobafett was more of an outcast than he led me to believe. His kin rejected his generous offer and delivered a close victory to the Rebels 52-40. Captain Jonus' craft was significantly damage late in the engagement, allowing the traitorous scum to claim the slimmest of "victories." Alzer, meanwhile managed to lose TWO of the Emperor's ships! TWO! With only 2 YT-2400 kills to show for it! This type of incompetence will not be tolerated. He has been formally reprimanded and sent for corrective training. Another such failure will have more...severe consequences.

As a reward for his efforts, I have reinforced Rikash with two of the Emperor's finest aces in Valen Rudor and Cienna Ree. After consultation with the good commander, we decided to alter our approach after seeing what the Rebels were bringing to the fight. I decommissioned his TIE Fighter Squadron and the Reserve Hangars and instead used the funding for two sets of Disposable Capacitors for his Raider Corvettes. To help him adjust for his errors, Commander Brobafett was given an upgraded fleet communication system, allowing him to better concentrate his firepower on his targets (Intensity Firepower fleet command upgrade). Finally, the disappointing Commander Alzer was assigned Captain Brunson, who is detailed with keeping a close eye on the Commander. Hopefully her influence will provide the proper motivation. I elected for only a modest improvement to my flagship, adding an Expert Shield Tech to the bridge crew.

Intelligence indicates that the infamous Counselor "Biggs," if that is his real name, has equipped his own MC80A flagship with some kind of experimental targeting system (Home One title upgrage). Meanwhile the pirate captain Madaghmire has strapped a set of External Racks on each of his fleet's Hammerheads. Who knows how many civilians he intends to kill with such crude weaponry? Two officers have joined Commander Nasmyth, reported a nondescript Veteran Captain as well as the infamous ion cannon expert Toryn Farr. Lastly, the so-called freedom fighter Formynder added Rogue Squadron to his rabble of a fleet.

As resources are just starting to flow into the sector, there was no word of any new bases being constructed before I sent our forces back into the fray. I assigned Commander Rikash to quell the ongoing uprising on Ryloth. Upon arrival he once again discovered himself facing Madaghmire. We then received reports from loyalists on Bespin that a Rebel fleet was entering their system. When Commander Alzer arrived in system, he recognized Formyder's MC80 Battle Cruiser. Finally, after pleading for redemption, I allowed Commader Brobafett to corrected his error over Mandalore by bringing the system into the fold, this time by force. Apparently Commander Nasmyth had not even left the system, and had even rallied some of the locals to his fleet temporarily.

That's all for now folks. I'll leave you with the above quick snapshot of the campaign map. If you haven't already, take a moment to grab tickets for our live show. We may have a surprise treat in store. Shmitty and I are working hard on something, but we're not yet positive it will be ready in time. I know we're really excited for GENCON, so I hope we'll see your there!


  1. Where can we view the fleet builds used in your campaign?


      The starting fleets were described here and Truthi tells what's divvied out after each round.