Thursday, March 18, 2021

AMG Reveals Wave 10 Unique Cards!

Here we go, we've got... more commanders?  And officers.  Nothing but faction locked stuff in this round of spoilers.

I must not quite be seeing what is making Trench good.  He seems to be quite a large price for double commands.  Maybe he's your squadron commander letting you double up on key turns with navigate, or pull big engineering out.

Mar Tuuk is going to be a giant pain in much the same way Romadi is.  +1 die if you attack a shield, -1 if your opponent has no shields at all, but you get to choose the die.  It's a good benefit for not a very dangerous minus.  I think he is my favorite of all of them.

Free accuracies for squadrons attacking a ship that cannot be "rerolled or changed" which means you're spending them - either for blocking a key token like redirect, or for a card that we'll see in a second.  Plus Grit whenever you are running some Jedi.

Yularen (Commander) is another squadron commander, letting you activate an extra squadron with a squadron token, and repair squadrons with engineering.

Here's the rest, listen to our podcast if you want to hear us (and IrishMadCat) talk about them!


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