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Hey everyone, you can now join the Steel Squadron by clicking on the Paypal Subscribe button in the upper right corner of the screen and decide what rank you want to buy for yourself!  Do the ranks do anything?  Well, some of them let you give more money to keeping the Steel Squadron providing you with excellent (okay, kind of good) content.  Some of them let you give less money.  This money is a subscription service over 6 months, then you can decide if you want to keep giving money or not.

Sounds pretty good so far, right?  Like an NPR fund drive, only it doesn't take the place of actual content, and you still don't have to donate to enjoy the quality (or semi-quality) articles that Steel Squadron produces.

Well, there's a few other things that I can offer you!

Commanders ($2 / month) receive special recognition as members of Steel Squadron, with their name prominently displayed in the Membership Roster!  Others can look there and know that they are helping keep the beer fridge well stocked.

Captains ($5 / month) can send me their lists for 1 on 1 analysis and advice.  That means I analyze it like it is one of the vassal tournament lists in my Matchups-of-the-Week, look at its strengths, weaknesses, and then I go a step further and let you know things that I would change to either shore up a weakness or improve upon its strengths.  You can tell me your strategy with the list, and I can help out with deployment, first / second player decisions (or not if you're 400 points), pretty much anything you need.  Even Corellian Conflict starter lists, or upgrade priorities.

Admirals ($10 / month) can request a topic for me to cover.  And I'll (typically) write up at least one article on it within the month.  You can do this once per 6 month subscription.  You also get the same 1 on 1 analysis and advice for your lists that Captains get.  Did you know that if you have your own Armada related business (3rd party accessories / painting / etc) that isn't related just to selling miniatures online, I'll gladly make that article a review of your business?  Because I certainly can (or just do a tactics article if that is more important to you, but I can still link your business when I cite you as the person that commissioned the article).

What does the money go to?  Well, it's been used to fund prizes for strategy articles written on the forums, one example being this one.

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  1. Just joined! I figured 1) it was a small measure of support as you fight the fight that really matters 2) you are (I think) about to declare my favourite squadron ever the best squadron in the game (Zaarin!) 3) I need your help on my list building! Recover well Steel Leader. Very best, Lord Preyer