Monday, October 12, 2015

Ordinance Upgrades - Wave 1

Wave 1 only had two ships that could take Ordinance and both were Imperial.  The Gladiator Class and the Victory I-Class variant both got the chance to equip either one of the two Ordinance Upgrade cards, though of the two the Gladiator Class was more built for pure ordinance.

Thank goodness that is it for upgrades on Wave 1!

Assault Concussion Missiles - 7 pts - Black Crit Effect - Each hull zone adjacent to the defending hull zone suffers 1 damage.  In all honesty these days you're not likely to see a Gladiator without this upgrade.  Assault Concussion Missiles (ACM) deals an extra 2 points of damage on an already punishing hit / crit Black die result and because you only need 1, and you also can take Screed along for the ride, it's hard to justify not taking this upgrade.  A soft counter to Advanced Projectors and redirects in general, it becomes especially punishing against ships that did not keep any shields up on the alternative shield zones at all - as that is then an extra 2 damage to the hull, that cannot be braced.  Somewhat less useful on Victory I-Class Star Destroyers, just because of their slow speed and everyone doing everything they can already to stay out of their huge front arc at close range.

Expanded Launchers - 13 pts - MODIFICATION - The battery armament of your front hull zone is increased by 2 Black dice.  6 more points than Assault Concussion Missiles, only your front arc affected, and averaging an extra 2 pts of damage per attack.  It does have its uses though - XX-9 turbolasers on a Victory I is a decent combination, and combined with Dominator can can let you roll an absolutely ludicrous number of dice, turning this Victory into a very dangerous brawler.  It also counts for Fire Lanes - controlling those tokens become easier when you have an extra 2 dice to throw their way.  It also gives the Gladiator the chance to deal up to 4 additional damage per attack, while the Assault Concussion Missiles cap at 2 extra damage, and maximizes your arc that has the best chance (though not a particularly good chance) to give you accuracies.

That is it for wave 1, thank goodness.  See you folks in Wave 2!

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