Thursday, October 1, 2015

Defensive Retrofits - Wave 1

Another upgrade set for wave 1 where there weren't that many upgrades, Defensive Retrofits had only two types produced and only two ships built capable of taking the upgrades.  The ships involved were both rebel ships, the Assault Frigate Mk II and the CR90 Corellian Corvette.

This article is part of the Upgrades series.

Advanced Projectors - 6 pts - When you spend a redirect token on defense, you can choose more than one hull zone to suffer damage including non-adjacent (the zone on the other side of the ship) hull zones.  Advanced Projectors lets you attempt to use all of your shields on defense before taking damage to your hull - instead of spending engineering to move them around.  It turns the Assault Frigate Mk II into an incredible damage tank, and the CR90 can survive a lot longer.  It also has an interesting interaction with XI-7 Turbolasers - while the turbolasers allow a maximum of one damage to a hull zone on a redirect, it doesn't limit the number of hull zones, giving you 1 damage per hull zone redirected.  This gives Advanced Projectors the distinction of being a soft counter to the XI-7 Turbolaser upgrade.

EDIT:  As of 10/16/15's FAQ update, Advanced Projectors are now no longer a soft counter to XI7, but instead hard countered by XI7s - now you can only move 1 damage off of your hull zone instead of 1 damage spread between each hull zone.

Electronic Countermeasures - 7 pts - When defending, you can exhaust the card to spend a defense token your opponent has targeted with an accuracy token.  Electronic countermeasures ensures that no matter what you'll be able to use the defense tokens you want on key defensive situations.  This is best against enemies that will be using single - heavy damage attacks, like the front arc of a VSD2, or against H9 turbolasers.  Probably best on the AFII - to ensure that it will get the opportunity to use it's one brace token - it could also be used for the CR90 to guarantee the use of its redirect token.

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