Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How Does Wave 2 Change Wave 1 Ships? Part 2 - Imperials

On Monday, we got to talk about how Wave 2 coming out changed the roles and upgrades we are likely to see on the various Wave 1 Rebel ships - today we will be going over the Imperials.

So how will the change to 400 points, and the addition of all the new ships, commanders, and upgrades affect the Victory and Gladiator Class Star Destroyers?

Victory Class Star Destroyer:

The VSD, with Wave 2 coming out, sees its next generation ship the Imperial Star Destroyer pop out on to the table.  But what space does the VSD still fill?  Well, for one thing, it is a significantly cheaper price for its dice compared to the ISD.  It's also a cheaper way of getting Tractor Beams into the fight - after all, you're likely not going to need to slow down a MC80, but AFIIs could definitely use some slowing, as will MC30s and CR90s.  Plus, with Engineering Captain and Navigation Officer, you have an opportunity to completely ignore your dial if you aren't planning on using the ship as a carrier.

Though, if you do want a carrier, you're also a cheaper platform for squadron activations, and with Corrupter being a VSD title, still the best place for flinging Rhymer Balls at an enemy.  Boosted Comms can mitigate your slow speed after all.

Much like the ISD, Needa and Turbolaser Reroute Circuits can combine by taking away a redundant redirect token, to give you a better Red dice punch, as well as better defense at long range.  Both new turbolaser upgrades are also great for the VSDII - maximizing the damage you can put out at medium range - and fitting better than most other upgrades for the ship.  With a Dominator title, you're putting out a lot of hurt on the enemy, comparable to an ISD.


Area Denial - The big front arc with 6 dice is a wonderful deterrent.  The VSD is very, very good at picking a spot on the map and saying "Don't Go Here".  Though now there are ships that are better at this role, the VSD still excels at it, and can be a cheaper alternative to let other ships play the hammer to your anvil.

Carrier - The VSD with Expanded Hangar Bay can activate 4 squadrons per turn.  Flight Controllers and Admiral Chirpy make it even better.  Now add Boosted Comms, Wing Commander, and it is even better than before.  And still cheaper per squadron activated than an ISD.

Tank - The VSD is still difficult to bring down.  With Motti, it has 10 hull, 10 shields, and a lot of angry dice out of its front arc.  Though it is easier to drop comparatively now that MC80s and ISDs are flying around it, it is still a lot of hull for its points, and a lot of Engineering Value as well.

Centerpiece - Sadly, the VSD is not going to be the centerpiece to any fleet while the ISD is an option.  It can still be the flagship for a fleet of GSDs, or maybe even the flagship for an ISD lead ship that expects to eat most of the enemy fire, but it isn't going to be something you build your forces around.

Gladiator Star Destroyer:

Right now, this ship feels like the winner of the Wave 2 upgrade lottery.  Assault Proton Torpedoes, Ordinance Experts, and Rapid Reload all look to turn the ship that is already a massive close quarters brawler into something even more terrifying.  With Darth Vader in command, even the venerable Admiral Screed just doesn't feel like his services are required anymore.

It can even take on the role of a shield medic, with projection experts.  Or give one Monteferat and keep him at speed 3 to stay alive a little bit longer before you get to your target.  However, it no longer is the king of fighter support for the Imperial side, that crown being passed to the Raider and its cheaper double-dice anti-squadron fire.

Brawler - It just got better at this, with Assault Proton Torpedoes adding a new possibility to the Assault Concussion Missile standard.  Screed is no longer a requirement for them to go off, with Ordinance Experts giving rerolls to Black dice, and Vader giving rerolls to all dice.  Get the crits and don't waste a single blank roll!

Flanker - Still one of the nastiest flankers in the game, though the MC30 could give it a run for its money.  Aside from the shrimp frigate, it should still be able to outshoot what it can't outrun.

Navigation Objective Ship - All you really need are Engine Techs and a way to get reliable maneuver tokens.  Better at flying and turning than anything short of a Corvette or Raider.

Anti-Fighter Cover - GSD2 can do a passable job as an anti-fighter ship but it is now outclassed by the Raider, for significantly less points.  Sorry GSD2.

Escort Carrier - Tarkin or Wulff / Admiral Chirneau / Flight Controllers let you make a close quarters escort carrier that can shoot 2 anti-squadron dice (GSD2 only) redeploy fighters at will, or escort Rhymer and 2 pals (and their 3 Black dice) and do what rebels like to do with B-Wings, but at longer range.  All for cheaper than you'd have with a VSD.

Area Denial - GSD1 with Expanded Launchers is a (slightly) cheaper version of a naked Victory 1 to block an very specific objective area, or that can block an enemy from taking a tight corner on your line.

And that's it for the Wave 1 ship updates.  Frankly, I can't wait to see wave 2 hit stores.  Until next time guys!

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  1. Regarding the GSD: "Assault Proton Torpedoes, Ordinance Experts, and Rapid Reload (...)"
    Rapid Reload and Assault Proton Torpedos share the same Upgradeslot. What would be your choice to fight with?
    Kind Regards, Matt