Thursday, July 21, 2016

Matchup of the Week - PT106 vs Ginkapo

Squadron-less vs Squadron Very Light, the top two players on the "NEXT ARMADA EVENT" tournament going into their round 3 matchup should be familiar faces.

Let's take a look at their list and matchup for Round 3 - after all, only one will still be undefeated after this.  Admittedly there is a top 7 (+1) cut, so both are very much in the running to make the cut no matter what happens this match - though not quite in a good enough situation to be happy with a 5-5 "draw".


Gozanti Crusier - 47 pts total
- Admiral Motti

ISD 1 - 129 pts total
- Intel Officer
- Ordinance Experts
- H9 Turbolasers

ISD 2 - 148 pts total
- Agent Kallus
- Gunnery Team
- Quad Laser Turrets
- Electronic Countermeasures
- X17 Turbolasers

Raider 1 - 44 pts total

Gozanti Cruiser - 25 pts total
- Comms Net

Total:  393

PT106 should be familiar face from previous tournaments - having participated in both the team tournaments and giving a fairly respectable showing, with a 3-0 record in the Team Tournament and a 2-1 record in the Civil War (including a victory against everyone's favorite blog writer).  In this tournament he has amassed 20 points over 2 rounds, winning in nothing but a convincing fashion against first Irokenics and then Galactic Civil War MVP Dorrin314.

His current list comes in with a 393 bid, and a whopping 5 activations to back up his 2 ISDs.  A raider and an anti-squadron ISD2 are the only concessions to taking out squadrons though, as the list is completely without fighter support.  As such, the 5 activations are the only 5 deployments that he has.  The two ISDs are set up like a 1-2 punch for anti-ship, with the ISD1 being close quarters, and the ISD2 being a more ranged threat with XI7s to mop up after the first big hit.  Neither Gozanti are set up to do much damage, with one being a "life boat" style flagship, and the other being support with the Comms Net.  The naked Raider fills out the list.


"Ackbar Star Destroyers"

MC30c Scout - 117 pts total
- Admiral Ackbar
- Foresight
- Chart Officer

MC30c Torpedo - 77 pts total
- Lando
- Enhanced Armaments

MC30c Torpedo - 87 pts total
- Admonition
- Skilled First Officer
- Sensor Team
- Enhanced Armaments

CR90A - 53 pts total
- Jaina's Light
- Turbolaser Reroute Circuit

GR-75 Medium Trans - 33 pts total
- Bright Hope
- Phylon Q7 Tractor Beam
- Slicer Tool

Squadrons - 16 pts total
- Tycho Celchu

Ginkapo entered the vassal scene at the same time as PT106, participating in Team Tournaments up to this point.  He and his team, Alderaan Choices, did not make the splash they hoped to in the first tournament, but his play was better in the second one - going a combined 2-1.  This tournament he has 19 points over his two games, defeating itzSteve by a considerable margin in his first round, and dropping Skycake in the second by a respectable 9-1.

Ginkapo enters into the third round with a fairly ridiculous 383 bid, almost certainly angling to go first.  To compliment this, he has 5 activations, and again only 5 deployments due to his one squadron being a single.  His flagship is a MC30c Scout - capable of hanging at a distance if need be, but also able to deal some damage if forced to close with the enemy.  Another support ship is found in the GR-75 - no armament, but with Tractor Beams and Slicer Tools, it can disrupt his opponent's plans.  Almost certainly a sacrificial lamb.  Jaina's Light is a familiar sight - a long range TRC90.  The heavy hitters though look to be the two Torpedo MC30c's - Enhanced Armaments on both means Ackbar will work from any range and Admonition has sensor teams for hunting Gozanti.

The Matchup:

Ginkapo easily has the initiative and will most likely select first player.  Objectives from his opponent should be an interesting one.  Most Wanted is an obvious pick for Red, though Advanced Gunnery is a possibility.  Advanced Gunnery would be a significant boon for Ginkapo to pick if available - so a definite take there.  For Yellow, Contested Outpost makes the most sense, while for Blue we could see either Minefields or Intel Sweep.  Either one is playable with Ginakpo, though he may just want to play the Red objective regardless.  Deployment should favor PT in this scenario, who can afford to stall with his ISDs until he sees where his opponent's ships are laying down.

For ship-to-ship matchups, the ISDs can definitely end an MC30 that they catch napping - assuming both have it in their sights.  That being said, with them able to go at high speed, and activate first, it may be difficult to get the shots PT106 expects.  That being said, I have seen first hand his ability to work his activations well to get those good shots.  The MC30s though, can afford to be lost to bring down an ISD.  They are not quite worth 2 for every 1 ISD, but the numbers are close (165 for both MC30 Torpedoes vs 148 for the ISD2).

Biggs Pre-Match Bet:

I think in this scenario that Ginkapo's list has a much better matchup against PT106.  He can get better trades, hit hard, and has none of what I would think of as a counter to his list arrayed against him.  He controls the bid, and the tempo of this game.

I want to go with my gut here - PT106 is someone who I have seen in action, and who is playing what to him is a familiar list, and who doesn't make very many mistakes in his play.  Ginkapo will need to play a really good game against him to capitalize on his advantages, and I am not sure we will see him play without making even a small error for PT106 to capitalize on.  That being said, the numbers on the ship trades are just not in PT106's favor.

Predicted Winner:  Ginkapo in a close match.

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