Friday, August 3, 2018

Super Star Destroyer!!!! (And other things for Armada and Legion)

FFG added an ISD and a VSD to the SSD display case.

Look at this beauty.

Shmitty made a Video of it.

*Editors Note:  Biggs here postin' from shmitty's account as he is in GenCon and I am sitting at home in my underwear.  These pictures are all his, and he deserves all the credit for getting a damn Steel Command Press Badge for the event.*

Just magnificent.

The perfect spot for an A-Wing.

But what does it mean?  Well, FFG was nice enough to add... oh... just the freakin' cardboard for the thing!

5 Red / 4 Blue and 6 shields in a very generous front arc.  3 Red / 2 Blue / 1 Black from Side... 1? 
2 Red / 2 Blue / 1 Black from Side... 2?  1 Red / 1 Blue / 1 Black from the rear.  And 1 Red / 1 Blue Flak?
And a name:  Star Destroyer Assault(?) Prototype

Also 22 HULL!  Motti doesn't look like he affects them as written, but that's a lot of damage to chew through.  Ever try to kill 2 ISDs?  Even figuring in damage overflow, these things are going to be monsters.

That's not all the pictures he got though:

Sheev and Chumps-That-Can't-Even-Kill-An-Untrained-Girl-And-Her-Shirtless-Crush

You know I like Legion things.

Woooooookies!  And the start of Clone Wars in Legion, Chewbacca.

That Guy From Imperial Assault!  That Droid That Blew Up!  Blue Gatorade Droid!  Some Guy With a Radio!

Telephone Repairman!  Bad Chopper!  Ciena Ree!  Mr Handy!

Oh, and one other thing.  I'm not sure whether or not to be more excited by FFG's announcements or this, but we have officially hit 1 Million Page Views!  See, shmitty, you sniped this one too!

Not bad for a blogging website that's for a couple of niche games.


  1. 3 shields on the side of the ssd? I know it has 6 total arcs but still...I'm concerned about how easy it'll be to punch through an arc with how big they are. Even with 6 defense tokens.

    1. There is this old card called Advanced Projectors ... Could be worth some use here

    2. Its said to be able to fire from three arcs per activation.

    3. XI7's shut down Advance projectors hard. It's something that's almost always taken in my local gaming group.

  2. Double Defense tokens are really good. Especially when it is double brace / double redirect.

    1. Damage Control Officer may be a permanent resident on this beast

    2. Double contains and spare officer slots? You better believe it.