Saturday, January 4, 2020

Commander Upgrade - Admiral Raddus (Errata)

This is now WRONG.

Admiral Raddus just got changed quite a bit just before Wave 8 dropped.  Let's look at his new text:

Admiral Raddus - Rebel Commander - 26 points

"Before deploying fleets, you may set aside 1 other friendly ship with a command value of 3 or less. At the start of any round, you may deploy that ship at distance 1-2 of you. That ship cannot be deployed overlapping squadrons and cannot be the first ship to activate that round."

How Does He Work?

Okay, so what does this mean?  Well, first off, the "friendly ship with a command value of 3 or less" means that you can't set aside the Starhawk when it comes out, but you can still Raddus the other rebel Large base ships.  Sorry to any of you looking at the Starhawk and planning on dropping it onto things.

The other major change is that you now drop the Raddus ship at not distance 1 of a friendly ship, but distance 1-2 of "you" - meaning the ship Raddus is deployed on.  So no coward Raddus, hiding on a CR90 in the backfield while Quantum Storm / Bright Hope race forward to spot for the drop.  However, the Raddus drop now is even better from the flagship itself.  Being able to deploy at distance 1 was already a huge distance, but 1-2 gives you a lot of space to put the big boy down.


Raddus now works well the other way, with Profundity.  Because Profundity triggers at the same time as the Raddus effect, in the past players have used it as nesting dolls, dropping Profundity and then the ship inside.  Now you have an advantage doing the opposite.

Run Profundity as the Raddus flagship.  When you are ready to drop the Raddus ship, first drop a CR90 or Hammerhead, and transfer Raddus to that ship.  Now you can deploy the Raddus ship off of that ship.  Setting it up so that the Profundity drop is at the farthest it can get for Range 2 and turned so that the longest part of the ship points to where you want to drop the Raddus drop, you can put out a ship over a full range ruler away from your original flagship.

Play around with it a bit to see what it is capable of.

That's the biggest bit of Errata to come out in the last few days.  Take care out there at your Regionals folks!

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  1. If you are a 2nd player Raddus and 1st player uses Strategic Advisor as their first activation of the drop round, can the 2nd player then activate the Raddus drop as their first activation?