Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Reylo In The Rim - Outro

 Geek19 of CannotGetYourShipOut and I wrote a lot about Rebellion in the Rim awhile back, and we're done writing about it now.  You can look at our previous articles:

Reylo in the Rim - Basic Fleet Building - Teamwork Makes The Teams Work - Selecting Planets - Going Through a Turn - Actually Fighting - It's Not Easy Playing Green

I've been busy.  What?

It's been awhile since we started this.  I've now played in three RitR games since the lockdown started, and 5 total, and my big takeaway is that they are HARD to finish.  It's a campaign, where you're playing as many as 12 games with the same people over however long it takes to complete, and even with the shorter 200-250 point games to be played, that is still a significant investment in time.

Fortunately, thanks to the internet, Vassal, Table Top Simulator (I assume, having never actually used it) and Discord, you can connect with a ton of people you otherwise would never have been able to play with, to enjoy the best campaign Armada has to offer.  I've even put out a variant of it specifically for online play, which adds more depth to an already pretty fun game.

Here's to hoping we get something similar out of the Clone Wars sooner rather than later.

Not sure what else to say about Rebellion in the Rim that hasn't already been said, other than I hope that our articles have given you the desire to go and get some RitR games going.

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