Saturday, July 11, 2015

Commander's Guide - B-Wing

This is it.  We've been working our way through the Squadrons, and we've finally reached the end.  After covering the rest of the Rebel Squadrons, we are finally on the last of them, the B-Wing.

The B-Wing makes an excellent backup for the Nebulon B Frigate.


The B-Wing is the heaviest BOMBER of all squadrons, Rebel or Imperial.  Boasting an impressive 1 Blue / 1 Black for its anti-ship armament, it averages 1.75 damage per attack.  It also has a respectable 3 Blue anti-squadron attack and 5 hull.  Unfortunately it is also the most expensive squadron on either side, worth 14 points for the generic version.

The squadron also has one major Achilles heel, and that is its speed.  The squadron holds a speed of only 2, making it slower than the maximum speed of any of the Rebel ships or squadrons.  This makes the B-Wing best as a deterrent to enemy ships, flying along with the main Rebel line to match the Empire in close quarters damage output.

A pair of B-Wings flying with a Nebulon B Escort Frigate can not only keep it safe from enemy BOMBERs, but throw 1 Black and 1 Blue dice each at an enemy ship that pulls into close range.  What the B-Wings cannot do is go hunting themselves - their slow speed means that they won't outdistance your own ships.  At best you can direct them to where the opponent will go, and hope that they actually go there.

Keyan Farlander

Keyan manages to be an even better BOMBER than the generic B-Wing, sporting 2 Black dice for his anti-ship attack.  In addition to this, he has 2 Brace defense tokens to supplement his 5 hull.

What makes him even more of a terror is that if he is attacking a hull zone without shields, he can re-roll any number of his anti-ship dice.  That makes him by able o put up a consistent amount of damage on already damaged targets, setting up for a knockout punch.

Overall the B-Wing is a BOMBER and heavy hitter against ships.  But it isn't going to hunt them down, rather it punishes enemy ships that move into the wrong location without fighter support of their own.

And that is all for the Commander's Guide for now.  Next time we will finally start to get into the meat of list building, and since we just finished up with Squadrons, we will talk about how to fit squadrons into your list.  Stay tuned for next time!

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