Friday, September 25, 2015

Offensive Retrofits - Wave 1

Offensive Retrofits for wave 1 were somewhat few and far between - only two of them were produced and only two ships were built capable of taking the upgrades.  The ships involved were the two mediums size ships, the Assault Frigate Mk II and the Victory Class Star Destroyer.

This article is part of the Upgrades series.

Expanded Hanger Bays - 5 pts - The Expanded Hanger Bays increase your Squadron value by 1 point.  Good for increasing the effectiveness of your squadron commands, this gives an extra squadron activation on your dial commands.  Most often seen on the AFIIB as opposed to the AFIIA, due to the higher natural squadron value on the AFIIB (3) and lower point cost.  The VSD also sees this upgrade frequently with squadron heavy Imperial builds.  In both the AFIIB and the VSD, it increases the Squadron value of the ship to 4.

Point Defense Reroute - 5 pts - This offensive retrofit lets you re-roll critical hit results when you attack a squadron.  Not a bad idea, if you are using your ships to take anti-fighter shots it gives you an extra 1/8 chance to hit per blue dice rolled.  Not as useful with the VSD or AFIIB, but the AFIIA which has 2 blue dice gets the most bang for it's buck as far as anti-squadron shots go.

Well, that was short and sweet.  Next time we will discuss Defensive Retrofits on the Upgrade Series!

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