Thursday, September 24, 2015

Support Team Upgrades - Wave 1

Wave 1 gave us 3 Support Team Upgrades to use with our ships - and 3 ships that could use them.  The CR90, GSD, and NebB all can take the Support Team upgrade, and all make use of it in different ways.

This article is part of the Upgrades series.

Engine Techs - 8 pts - Engine Techs let you make a 1 time additional maneuver when you take a navigate command, after your initial maneuver.  This is arguably most effective on a Demolisher, since it synergizes with the title to deliver your free attack after your Engine Tech bonus maneuver.  Note, you cannot use the title to move and fire twice - you can only take one total shot after you maneuver.  To a lesser extent, it works with either the GSD or CR90 more than it does with the NebB, simply due to both the GSD and CR90 having a 2 yaw as their speed 1 maneuver.

Engineering Team - 5 pts - An Engineering team gives your ship an extra point of engineering when a repair command is performed - it should be noted that this works with either the dial or token.  The team helps improve the NebB and GSD to 4 engineering for a dial and 3 for a token, giving 2 shields per dial of repair - not a terrible deal for the GSD - or 1 hull for a token - good for the NebB.  For the CR90, you get 3 engineering for a dial - enough to fix a hull, or 2 engineering for a token - enough for 1 shield.

Nav Team - 4 pts - This team improves just your navigate tokens, letting you spend a token to increase your yaw instead of changing speed.  This works best on the NebB, giving a much tighter turn radius at speed 1, which is the Neb's preferred engagement speed.  It doesn't work as well on the CR90 (2 yaw on the final click at all speeds) or the GSD (2 clicks at speed 1).

That is it for support teams.  Next up is Offensive Retrofits.

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