Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Weapons Teams Upgrades - Wave 1

For Weapons Teams, Wave 1 gave us 3 different possible upgrades, as well as 3 ships capable of bringing them into the fight - the VSD, the GSD, and the AFII.  Today we are going to go over those upgrades, and talk about how they might be best utilized.

This article is part of the Upgrades series.

Gunnery Team - 7 pts - Gunnery Team gives your ship the ability to fire from the same hull zone twice, as long as you attack different targets each time.  This upgrade is about being able to exploit your best arc against multiple enemies, and allows for a more aggressive play style.  It works best on a VSDII - maximizing the chance of two attacks with the big front arc, or on a AFII with Enhanced Armaments, utilizing the side arc for a devastating broadside.  It is significantly less effective on either the VSDI, and basically worthless to put on a GSD.  The VSDI having black dice in its front arc, means that the 2nd shot would likely be all red dice, and the GSD is incredibly unlikely to be able to throw black dice against 2 different targets - in fact it really only wants to throw 2 arcs on 1 target.  Gunnery Team also drops off in value if you take the Advanced Gunnery objective - as an objective ship with Advanced Gunnery would be better than a Gunnery Team ship at shooting out of the same arc.

Flight Controllers - 6 pts - Flight Controllers are a squadron command upgrade, giving all squadrons activated with that command an extra 1 blue anti-squadron armament for its attacks.  A good card for establishing squadron superiority, it works best on a ship with a high Squadron value to maximize the results per activation.  On average, each squadron activated will do 0.5 points more damage per activation, so on a Squadron value 4 ship (AFIIB or VSD w/ Expanded Hanger Bays) that would be an extra 2 damage per squadron command.

Sensor Team - 5 pts - The Sensor Team lets you exhaust the card and spend 1 dice to change 1 dice to a face with an accuracy icon.  This upgrade works well with an AFIIA w/ Paragon title, guaranteeing an accuracy when you need it to maximize the damage it can punch through.  It also could work with a GSDII or VSDI, guaranteeing an accuracy on the red dice the way Screed can guarantee a hit/crit on the black dice.

Well, that is it for Weapons Teams.  Next time we will go over Support Teams from Wave 1.

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