Thursday, February 4, 2016

Armada World Cup: Elimination Quarter-Finals - Truthiness vs Reith28

Time for our final preview of the Elimination Quarter-Final Round:  Truthiness vs Reath28

Truthiness vs Reath28

++ Imperial Navy (Standard) (400pts) ++
Gladiator I-Class Star Destroyer (79pts) [Assault Proton Torpedoes (5pts), Engine Techs (8pts), •Demolisher (10pts)]
Victory I-Class Star Destroyer (109pts) [Assault Proton Torpedoes (5pts), Expanded Hangar Bay (5pts), •Admiral Screed (26pts)]
Victory I-Class Star Destroyer (83pts) [Assault Proton Torpedoes (5pts), Expanded Hangar Bay (5pts)]
+ Squadrons (129pts) +
TIE Bomber Squadron (9pts)
TIE Bomber Squadron (9pts)
TIE Bomber Squadron (9pts)
TIE Bomber Squadron (9pts)
TIE Bomber Squadron (9pts)
TIE Bomber Squadron (9pts)
Darth Vader (21pts)
Dengar (20pts)
Major Rhymer (16pts)
Soontir Fel (18pts)

ISD 2 (120)
-Captain Needa (2)
-Gunnery Team (7)
-Boosted Comms (4)
-Electronic Countermeasures (7)
-X17 Turbolasers (6)
Total 146
Vic 1 (73)
-Admiral Motti (24)
-Wulff Yularen (7)
-Gunnery Team (7)
-Boosted Comms (4)
-X17 Turbolasers (6)
Total 121
-Major Rhymer (16)
-Tie Bomber x 3 (27)
-Soontir Fel (18)
-Tie Advanced x 2 (24)
-JumpMaster 5000 (12)
-IG-88 IG-2000 (21)
-YV-666 (15)
Squadron Total 133
List total 400pts

Truthiness got himself a bit of a bum start to the tournament, being crushed 10-0 in the opening game of the entire tournament, played within hours of the pairing announced.  His opponent, Clontroper5, went on to win the POD.  He was able to win his next game against Captain ICT by a 9-1 margin, and secured a technical win after a player withdrew, cruising into elimination with a score of 17 tournament points.  His first round elimination game against Doobleg was played early (due to scheduling) and ended with a relatively close 149 point win to him after Doobleg threw his Demolisher into the fight a little bit early.

Reath28 put on the most dominating performance of the tournament in the POD rounds.  While everyone was busy freaking out over Clontroper5 and his quick burst to 29 Tournament Points, Reath quietly and slowly amassed 29 points of his own, and a slightly higher 1092 MOV.  His matchup against JRockNZ finished up the first round of Elimination, and he remained dominant, posting a 10-0 win and 458 MOV as second player.

On paper, the two lists are quite similar, with both at 400 points giving it a coin toss on initiative.  Both players, at 400 points, haven't had much chance to pick initiative, so it should be interesting to see who wins the toss and what they decide.  Deployment is 8 to 7 in Truthiness's favor, and he also has activation advantage with 3-2 in his favor.

On the side of shootin' things, Truthiness has Demolisher and a lot of "up close and personal" firepower in his VSDs, while Reath has a medium range advantage thanks to his ISD2, and even some long range evades from Needa.  For squadrons, Reath's is slightly more geared to hunting other squadrons, while Truthiness has left himself a token interception task force and many nearly double the bombers.  Admirals also suit each one's builds - Motti is on Reath's to keep his two ship build flying, while Screed helps the brawling Truthiness punch hard off the bat.

Biggs' Pre-Match Bet:  

Both of these lists approach the idea of carriers and Bombers in a different way.  On one hand, Truthiness has more activations, a chance at first player, and Demolisher which can catch even the tankiest ISD napping.  However, all of this advantage lies on a single coin flip, and Reith has been the most dominating player so far in this tournament.

Even with this advantage though, I'm not sure.  Reith has been playing very well, and the points / hull favor him in the event of ship and squadron trading.  He'd be more likely to get more of his squadrons free to make bombing runs while still tying down enemy squadrons with his own.

I am going to put my bet on Reith, but I think I'd almost rather bet on the coin flip for initiative.  That, objective choice, and mental mistakes is what decides this game.

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