Saturday, February 20, 2016

Commentated Armada Games

Just a quick update today:

I've started streaming and commenting on Armada games in the last tournament that we've done for the Semi-Final round and Finals.

It is all archived on Youtube here.  When I stream a game live, it'll appear on my twitch stream, which is here.

I'm hoping to do this for a lot more games going forward, especially with the next set of tournaments and whatnot.


  1. Cool, look forward to checking it out!

  2. First of all I should thank you for your efforts, since I really enjoyed reading all your posts.

    Secondly, I'm watching the Final right now and it's fun, even to a non-english speaking person like me, to hear the comments.

    I'm looking forward to see more Strategy discussions and After Action Reports. Keep the good work!