Friday, April 1, 2016

**April Fools Prank** Wave 3 - Part 2 Preview! Interdictors, Defenders, K-Wings and... the Assault Frigate Mk I?

**April Fools Day Prank**

That's right!  With FFG's confirmation at Adeptcon that the flotilla was just a part of wave 3, we at Steel Squadron HQ managed to steal an exclusive interview with FFG's lead designer for Armada, James Kniffen.

That's right, it's a big one!  More Imperial and Rebel elite fighters (and the Z-95)!  The Interdictor Cruiser and another new upgrade type (Gravity Wells).  And... the Assault Frigate MkI?


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  2. You left out the best part. Admiral Thrawn is the new Imperial commander!

  3. And I forgot to shun the internet on the 1st. Got me.