Monday, August 15, 2016

New Player Resource - Armada Lingo

Hello to some of our newer players out there!  With Wave 3/4 bringing in ships a lot of people really wanted to see and play with (looking at you, Interdictor) we are going to be seeing a bunch of people hopefully just starting out with the game.

This post is for you.  I'm going to go over a lot of the common abbreviations and slang that is used within the Armada community.  Without further ado..

Ship Abbreviations

AFII - Assault Frigate Mk II.  You will frequently see this used with the type of Assault Frigate as AFIIB or AFIIA.
CR90 - Corellian Corvette CR-90.  Again, frequently seen as CR90A or CR90B to distinguish the type.
NebB - Nebulon B Frigate.  You may see NebB-S / NebB-E for type, but most of the time you can guess the type based on ship title (Salvation will be Support / Yavaris will be Escort).
MC80A - MC80 Assault.  The more expensive of the two "Home One" variants.
MC80C - MC80 Command.  The less expensive of the two "Home One" variants.
MC80B - MC80 Battle Cruiser - The more expensive of the two "Liberty Class" variants.
MC80S - MC80 Star Cruiser - The less expensive of the two "Liberty Class" variants.
MC-30c - MC-30c Frigate - Frequently abbreviated with the type as MC-30T or MC-30S.
GR-75 - The Medium Transport - Could also be abbreviated as just "Transport".  GR-75C shows the Combat Retrofit variant.

VSD - Victory Star Destroyer - VSD1 or VSD2 differentiate the type.  Could also be listed as Vic.
GSD - Gladiator Star Destroyer - GSD1 or GSD2 differentiate the type, but if you see GSD you should probably just assume it is a GSD1 for the moment.  Could also be listed as Glad.
ISD - Imperial Star Destroyer - Again, ISD1 or ISD2 for the different types.  You could also see Imp.
Rdr - Raider Class Corvette - May show up in all caps as RDR.  Again, Rdr1 and Rdr2 differentiate, and again Rdr is more likely to be a 1 than a 2.
ISR - Interdictor Suppression Retrofit
ICR - Interdictor Combat Retrofit
GOZ - Gozanti Class Carrier - GOZ-C for Cruiser variant, and GOZ-A for Assault variant.

Eyeballs - TIE Fighters
Squints - TIE Interceptors

Silly Bombers - Scurrgs

Specific Ship Builds / Squadron Builds / Ship Slang 

Clonisher - A Gladiator Class I equipped with the Demolisher Title, Intel Officer, Engine Techs, Ordinance Experts, and Expanded Launchers.  It could also refer to a Demolisher titled Gladiator with every upgrade slot filled.  Alternatively, it could also refer to the build that Clontroper5 made famous in his Armada World Cup championship run in 2016.
Mothmanition - An Admonition titled MC30c with Mon Mothma as the commander and Lando as an officer.  A very difficult to kill combination made famous by "Q" in his US Nationals win in 2016.
TRC90 - A CR90A equipped with Turbolaser Reroute Circuits.  51 points of Rebel list filler.  Spend one of 2 evades during an attack for a guaranteed double hit on Red.
SW90 - A CR90B equiped with SW-7 Ion Cannons.  44 points of Rieekan fun.  With a Concentrate Fire token and a double arc, they do 6 guaranteed damage in two attacks of 3 damage each.
Life Boat - Any lightly armed, low defense ship with the list's Commander on board.  Prior to Wave 3, this was a CR90 or RDR.  Designed to stay out of combat.
Whale - Any large point value ship with strong defenses.  Typically refers to an MC80 but could be an ISD as well depending on context.
Guppy - Slang for an AFII.
Shrimp - Slang for an MC30c.
Fel's Flying Circus - Any Imperial anti-squadron fighter build with Soontir Fel and TIE Advanced.
Rhymerball - Any Imperial anti-ship build with Major Rhymer leading a group of Bombers.  Typically refers to TIE Bombers when Rhymerball is used.  For TIE Bombers you may also hear Vanilla Rhymerball.
Fireball - A Rhymerball, but instead of TIE Bombers, this build uses Firesprays.

Build Archetypes

2 Ship Rhymerball (Fireball) - A 2 ship Imperial build (typically a pair of ISDs, or an ISD / GSD) that has a maxed out squadron support with Rhymer.
Rieekan Aces - A list with Rieekan as commander that focuses on named squadrons and squadron activations.
DeMSU - An abbreviation for Demolisher - Multiple Small Units.  A list that focuses on a Clonisher spec'd Gladiator and a bunch of cheap ships.  May also be called a Clonisher.
GenCon Special - An old predecessor to the DeMSU, made popular by "Q" at the US Nationals at GenCon in 2015.  3 GSDs and a VSD.  No longer applies as it is a 300 point list.
Swarm - Any list with 6 or more activations and all small base ships.
Mini-Swarm - Any list with 5 or more activations and at least one Medium or Large base ship.


AP - Advanced Projectors
APT - Assault Proton Torpedoes
ACM - Assault Concussion Missiles
BC - Boosted Comms - probably not usable anymore due to Bomber Command
Demo - Demolisher Title
ECM - Electronic Countermeasures
Gunners - Gunnery Team
FC - Flight Controllers
Intel - Intel Officer
LS - Leading Shots
"Swiss" - Never written - SW-7 Ion Cannons.
TRC - Turbolaser Reroute Circuits

Misc Gameplay

Bump - Overlap during a movement.
Burn - Discard a defensive token.
Spin - Change the dice facing due to card effects.  Example - "I'll use TRC (Turbolaser Reroute Circuit) to Spin the blank to a double".
Double- Tap - Lining up a ship so that you can attack the same target with two hull zones in a single turn.  Can also refer to attacking twice with a squadron using the Yavaris Title.
Triple-Tap - With the Demolisher title, moving last in a turn and lining up a double-tap shot after you move.  You then attack once, then activate first your next turn, performing the double tap, for three attacks on the same ship before it can have the chance to respond.

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