Monday, July 29, 2019

Headed to GenCon

It’s time for the "Best 4 Days in Gaming"  Once again I'm headed off to GenCon to play some Armada, get photos from the FFG booth, and otherwise nerd it up for the weekend.

I have tickets for the In-Flight Report on Wednesday and I will be live-blogging all of FFGs announcements.  Then playing in the Armada tournament Thursday morning (and hopefully Friday too).  I'll do my best to get a quote or two from the FFG devs.

There should be lots of Armada buzz at GenCon this year.

  • The SSD is getting its offcial release.  I expect to see the monstrosities being carried around.  Hopefully I can get in a game with or against one.
  • FFG announced today the Rebellion in the Rim wil be getting an early release at the con.  I will unbox one there and upload pictures of the cards that haven't been spoiled yet.  Watch for this Thursday after the tournament.
  • We also know that FFG should be announcing the "2 sizable ships" coming in Q4.  I expect they will show pictures on Wednesday and should have models in the booth on Thursday.
Aside from that I have a pretty full dance card of board, card, and miniature games.  I'm also gonna spend a little time in FFG's booth teaching Outer Rim and X-Wing.

Let me know in the comments what else you would like to see, hear, or read about from GenCon.

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