Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Q3 News Roundup

Welcome to July.  Steel Command has been on hiatus for the last couple months, but that doesn't mean things aren't happening.  Let's look at all the Armada news that has come out since April...

 ... wait that can't be right.

Joking aside it seems like we haven't had much news about Armada and are just in a holding pattern waiting for the Super Star Destroyer.  Well, that's kinda correct.  But there are some things that have been happening in the meantime that we should talk about:

Rebellion in the Rim Campaign is Coming Soon!

The new campaign is coming soon and by soon I mean possibly even this month.  It moved to "On the Boat" last month, and FFG has announced a game play demo on their twitch stream for the 16th at 1pm Central Time!  Since the SSD is still "in development" we're probably going to see this come out first.

We still know very little about this expansion other than it coming with new objectives, new unique squadrons (probably based on the Rogues and Villains expansion) and new upgrade cards (a Victory SD title and unique officers are shown in the preview).  Unfortunately this is all we have to really go on at the moment.

Gen Con / North American Continental Championship is Almost Here!

Shmitty will be headed for Indianapolis, to participate in the North American Continental Championship, which looks to be a good one this year.  Will we have Rebellion in the Rim legal in time for the Championship?  What will that do to the meta if so?  We're almost certain not to see the SSD in time for this, unfortunately.

Maybe this is where we hear about another wave of expansions, or more about Clone Wars: Armada?  One can only hope.

Top 8 at the event get invites to the now "Invite Only" Worlds, which seems like a dumb idea that will choke off the community for the game.  Speaking of which....

Store Championships / Seasonal Kits Are Missing!

We have no local support for the game?  That can't be right.  I'm sure I'm missing something here...

Nope.  Despite posting a big to-do about a twice-per-year Store Championship level back in January, FFG has instead gone completely silent on the subject.  This is especially troubling as this would be about the time we'd be seeing the once-per-year Store Championship, and instead we're getting Facebook notices from Organized Play about "Prime" Championships, the new Regional equivalent.

I've reached out to Organized Play for more information, but have not heard anything officially as of posting this article.

Also, we haven't gotten any Seasonal Kits for Q2 or Q3 yet.  Maybe they were designed with the SSD cards for alt-art?  I dunno, but I want some local OP dang it!

Local Interest

Biggs and Shmitty continue to perfect the Dumpster Fire.  Truthiness continues to pretend he doesn't know us when we talk about it.

That's all the news that's fit for print!


  1. My understanding re: Store Champs or the equivalent (from a post somewhere on Facebook from Matt Holland) was that Store Champs for MOST games got kinda left by the wayside this summer due to shakeups at FFGHQ and they were trying to prioritize the bigger events.

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