Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Unofficial Rules Spoiler

Looks like someone was a bad boy and opened their holiday present early.

So here's what we know.

Pass Tokens:

Strategic Adviser only works on large ships so we don't have to worry about the implications of pass tokens and pass mechanics.  What we need to know about this is that the SSD can pass instead of activating once per round.  Based on the wording - for 600+ point games - it looks like this should be once per round per huge ship, so if you're fielding double SSD for some insane reason, you should be able to pass twice.  Also both players should be able to Huge Ship pass without issue.

In practice this works just like Strategic Adviser.  You have to be able to activate the ship in order to pass, so no early activation and then trying to pass later.  Also it should work the same way Strategic Adviser does with Raddus / Bail / Pryce.  (See FAQs)


Deployment for the Huge Ship is pretty simple:  make sure that the rear base is fully within the deployment zone, and at least part of it is touching the edge of the deployment zone.  Problems:

Blockade Run:  You must deploy the ship touching your edge, which means you have to deploy it ALL THE WAY BACK.  Don't pick this objective.

Fleet Ambush:  There seems to be no legal way to deploy the SSD in the Ambush Zone, however there should be no legal way to deploy anything in the Ambush Zone, so we must conclude that regular deployment rules do not apply.  So instead you must deploy ships in the Ambush Zone on your odd number deployments, following all other normal deployment rules.  Much as "distance 1-3 of the players edge" is ignored for these deployments, so must all the other huge ship specific rules.  That being said, squadrons must still obey the normal rules, so squadrons placed at distance 1-2 of the huge ship in the Ambush Zone must be also within 1-2 of the player's deployment zone.  Fighters placed at distance 1-2 of other ships are still permitted.  

This is rules as written, and it sucks.

For funsies, let the squadrons deploy at 1-2 of the SSD outside of the normal rules.  Continue to not bring this objective to tournaments.

Thank goodness we don't have to think about how this works with Raddus.

Command Dials:

Automatic token upon reveal.  Think Raymus Antilles, only this isn't a "may".  Bear that in mind if someone forgets to take their token.  Happens on reveal, but it's written as "when the Huge ship reveals its command dial".  Thrawn's dials don't quite work.


I know what you're thinking.  "Aha!  It CANNOT attack more than once from a single hull zone!"  Well, it's the same wording as the rules reference, so Advanced Gunnery and Gunnery Teams still work as normal.  Nice try.

Also Advanced Gunnery lets you put 3 shots downrange from the same hull zone at the same target.  Brutal.

Ship Movement:

Looks like we measure our maneuver from the rear base, not from the front of the ship.  The thing is still going to turn like crazy with Moff Jerry piloting it.  Also it looks like if you're going to overlap with the tool, like to shimmy a bit left or right with a speed 2 and a single yaw in then out at 1/2, it'll overlap your ship pre-maneuver and not be allowed.


1/2 points for dropping it to half health.  That is ship, plus objectives, halved and rounded up.  So a 300 point SSD is worth 150 points if you can knock off 11 hull.  This can combine with "Precision Strike" for almost a full point cost.  Adds a better dynamic than "can I kill the SSD?  If no, do not engage".

Upgrade Bar:


Fleet Command Upgrade:

You know what this is by now.

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  1. "Thank goodness we don't have to think about how this works with Raddus."

    Just wait until we play your weirdball tournament anytime soon. Raddus Torp HH, fully kitted Ass SSD. GGnoRE