Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Wave 2 Support Teams - Projection Experts Appreciation Station

Well, this is excitement.  Wave 2 brings us from 3 Support Teams total, to a whopping 4.  And the ships that can take a Support Team from 3, to a whipping... 4.  It's time to talk about the only new Support Team - Projection Experts!

Projection Experts - 6 pts - Engineering Command - You may spend up to 2 engineering points to move that many shields from one ship to another at distance 1-5.  Well, Imperials are kind of out of luck for Projection Experts, unless they want to put it on a Gladiator.  Maybe on a GSDII working as close anti-squadron support for the rest of the fleet?  The Rebels get the most options for this card - put it on a MC80 to toss shields around to your other ships, and recover one of them each turn with Redundant Shields.  Put it on a CR90A w/ Jaina's Light and you have a pocket medic that can hide on the other side of your broadside line.  A NebB with Redemption can function as a fairly good medic as well - add Raymus and you can recover shields as you toss them out to someone else.

It's used best when on a long range ship, or a ship at the rear of an engagement - one that isn't taking fire itself and can send those shields to something else, more tanky, that can utilize it.

Well, that's it.  Nothing more to talk about.

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