Monday, November 7, 2016

Worlds Wrap-Up

Gonna take a break about talking strategy, since that is what literally everyone is going to be talking about for the next few days, and since Saturday.  No, today I want to talk about what even the FFG folks were impressed with:  Community.

We actually have something really special going within the Armada community.  By and large, we haven't seen any major incidents of people playing dirty, or violating a perceived "spirit of the game".  Our players, upon meeting one another in person for the first time, have greeted one another as old friends.

US National Champion, German National Champion, UK National Champion, and Australian National Champion
Collectively watching the final match.

And really, that's pretty darn amazing.  For a game that is frequently thought of as the red-headed step brother to FFG's X-Wing, we've somehow wound up with an awesome group of players.

Breakfast to my left.  Anyone look familiar from the final table?

Breakfast to my Right.  Again, familiar faces?
Thursday morning we had breakfast as a group - not everyone could be there.  And we did on Friday as well.  People hung out with folks they otherwise wouldn't after games late into the night Thursday and Friday.  We played Destiny demos with folks we had just met in person.  We hitched rides.  We left our playing pieces out on the table as we walked away.  We gave Jimmy hell for not having Engineering Tokens as prize support.  We sat together at lunch and bull-shitted about what looked good in Wave 5.

Worlds was a blast, but the community is much more than that.  More than meeting up in some distant city to play a game.  The little things are what make it special.  As we all wind down, if you did go to Worlds, bring that community back to your local store.  Welcome the new players that come in as if they were someone you've known for a long time.  When you travel somewhere else for a Regional (they're starting next week!), go have breakfast with the locals - or dinner!  Send Clontroper5 an email, wishing him well.

Be welcoming, be an ambassador.  This shouldn't be hard if everyone is like the folks I finally got to meet face to face at worlds.  We've got a hell of a World Champion to set an example, but it is up to all of you as well.

Until next time, fly fast and win big!


  1. Isn't the Australian National Champion in that second photo as well?

    1. Edited in to reflect our down-under friend. :P

    2. Good stuff friend. Really enjoy your site and articles. Ohh and Go Steelers! Man, after that Ravens poop debacle they will need all our support.

  2. Well said. And thanks to Biggs for the rolling updates - made those of us who would like to go but couldn't feel as if we were part of the action at Worlds!

  3. I think the blonde is the first pic is Kristian... Canada Champion?

    1. I am legitimately bad at tagging people. Point is - rogues gallery.