Monday, November 14, 2016

WWPDSteven's Youtube Streams & Steel Squadron HQ

Hello everyone!  Big announcement time!

WWPDSteven of the FFG forums, known for his Historicals focused website and also for being a top 4 finisher for Armada at Worlds, has begun a partnership with Steel Squadron HQ to post his new Youtube streams as they are completed.

Don't forget, you can also watch him stream live at

Our first offering from him is a five-part Imperial Assault Cooperative Campaign against a custom designed enemy AI.

If you've ever wanted to play Imperial Assault but the skirmish rules have turned you off, or you don't relish playing against a skilled Imperial player, this just might be the custom game type for you.


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  2. A small note: more videos will be added. They only were able to play up to this point, but the campaign is far from over.