Friday, December 2, 2016

200 Articles Posted!

Another impressive milestone for those of us who understand math from a base 10 system, we've published 200 articles on Steel Squadron HQ!  Well, we did just now, with this article, because it is #200!  That's 200 articles of the best strategy and tactical advance you could ever ask for!  And that doesn't include the pages that we've put up to make finding old articles and understand the game better.

Let's take a look at what got us here.

Steel Squadron HQ started with a simple idea - writing X-Wing strategy articles!  What a simple time that was.  I wound up writing 3 total X-Wing Articles, the first about my gaming namesake, Biggs Darklighter, and the others about the strategy I used running Biggs with 2 other ships (Corran Horn and Wes Janson).

I stopped writing fairly quickly, but revived the blog when Armada came out and I found that no one had been writing about what I saw as the most crucial part of the game:  The Objectives!  In those early days, no one at all was focusing on the objective play, but rather on what could smash the opposing fleet the fastest - at least that was what it appeared like reading what was appearing online.

That being said, my first big success would be with the Commander's Guides - detailed looks at each ship or squadron, and the roles that it could fit within the fleet.  In fact, the most popular article of all time remains one of these early guides - the Nebulon B - probably because a lot of folks still find it hard to use.

Since then, we've written a hell of a lot of guides, strategy articles, filler pieces, and vassal tournament previews.  Let's look at some numbers, as of early morning 11/29/16:

Top 5 Articles of All Time:

1:  Commander's Guide - Nebulon B
2:  Is the MC80 Still "Terribad"
3:  Commander's Guide - Assault Frigate
4:  Being the Playerbase We Want To Be
5:  Ranking the Upgrades - Ship Titles (Rebels)

Really guys?  A Ranking the Upgrades made top 5 over Why Gunnery Teams are Teaching Us Bad Tactics?  Now I feel bad for writing that filler.

For the Pages, The Commander's Guide tops everything each month, with the Academy getting a fair number of viewers as well.  Upgrades and "Welcome to Armada" more or less tie for 3rd.

Well, enough looking back - let's look forward to the future.  Wave 5 and Corellian Conflict means a lot more articles coming out soon.  Regional Season is heating up, and hopefully will include the Wave 5 / CC in it by the time I get to play (February).  Plus, the Armada Vassal World Cup starts January 1st!

Get excited!  There's a good number of articles still to come from ol' Biggs!


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  2. I think the Nebulon issue is because I don´t know why, but chrome seems to load that page when Steel Squadron gets into frequently used :)