Monday, December 26, 2016

Commander's Guide - Corellian Conflict Y-Wings

Let's get through the rest of the Corellian Conflict so we can get to Wave 5!  Y-Wing Time!

Gold Squadron - 12 points 

2 points more for 2 Blue instead of 1 Black dice, and loses Heavy.  Probably best paired with the named Y-Wing pilot Norra, but also allows some shenanigans with Toryn Farr.  Pretty decent anti-ship boost in expected damage (1.5 vs 1.0) pre-reroll anyway.

Literally the cheapest way to get 6 hull of non-Heavy squadron blocking power.

Norra Wexley - 17 points

"Friendly squadrons with Bomber at distance 1 gain 'Crit Effect': The defending hull zone loses 1 shield"

Finally the rebels get a team player!  Also doesn't have Heavy.  Could we see Norra-balls become a thing for squadrons stripping shields for a hard punch.  Makes every Bomber that much better at attacking fresh targets.  Just about everything Rebel has Bomber after all.

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