Saturday, December 24, 2016

Commander's Guide - Corellian Conflict TIE Advanced

I'm back from the dead to give you more Commander's Guide Series as quickly as I can put them out.  Let's get to it then:

Tempest Squadron - 13 points

They gave the TIE Advanced the Bomber keyword for an extra point.  Maybe useful if you have one point to spare, or want some elite squadrons for the campaign.

Zertik Strom - 15 points

I think this guy may be an unsung hero of the Empire.  He "upgrades" his Blue dice to Red dice (increasing variance and max damage) and he can reroll his attacks by having a nearby friendly squadron take damage - so probably a slight increase in damage for the price.

The big deal though is that his 2 Braces and Escort make him an almost no-brainer in any list that you are running TIE Advanced in.  By far he is the cheapest Brace capable meat shield you can pick up, especially considering the alternative is Darth Vader.


  1. Tempest squadron is the perfect guard for Rhymer!

  2. That's my guy. A litter love from Howlrunner and a lot of thanks tobthe readers!

  3. Both Tie Advanced will be very useful. Tempest gives you're Rhymer ball another bomber that benifits from BC but an escort for Rhymer. Zertik was built for Bossk. Auto Damage Bossk and unleash the auto accuracy. Add in Jendon and Bossk gets 2 attacks every turn.