Friday, April 21, 2017

FAQ Update 4/21/17 - "Mostly Corellian Conflict"

Well, yes, about 4/5ths of the red text in the new FAQ are Corellian Conflict related.  But Worlds is coming up, so let's talk about what actually changed for that.  Please note, there was NO CHANGES to the core rules, so the Anti-Flotilla crew are going to have to wait a bit longer for their sweet, sweet revenge.


First we have a ruling on measuring line of sight.  Specifically, plastic ship bases do obstruct LOS, but the shield dials / plastic shield dial parts do not.  A fair clarification, but not anything likely to change anyone's strategy.

Next we have squadron keyword clarifications.  Strategic cannot be used to strip tokens from ships.  So you can't use it to "rescue" MVPs, change your objective ships, or feed Opening Salvos to something big and angry.

Snipe is corrected from an email answer.  Previously, if you were engaged with anything, you couldn't use the keyword.  Now, as long as you aren't engaged with an Escort squadron, you can Snipe at whatever you want.  Maybe we will see more E-Wings with this ruling?

Relay is clarified - you don't need to keep the Relay squadron anywhere near your ships.  I'm not sure who was playing differently, but it's nice to have this spelled out.

Objective Cards

Contested Outpost doesn't obstruct attacks, or line of sight.  A clarification, but not anything surprising.

Fleet Ambush likewise is clarified.  If you run out of ships to deploy, you immediately begin deploying squadrons, you don't wait for the other player to run out of ships.  Again, a clarification, and not likely to change much in the way of strategy.

Planetary Ion Cannon is likewise clarified.  You can only do one Planetary Ion Cannon attack per turn, which shouldn't surprise anyone.  What is interesting though, is that it clarifies the "treat this attack as if it is a ship" by specifying you can use the standard critical effect... and makes it very badly worded to look like you can only use it if the defender has NO shields.  Ooof.

Dangerous Territory and Strategic squadrons are fun together!  Remember that you can't pull objective tokens off of ships?  Well, you CAN pull them off of obstacles, so if you are fast enough, you can deny enemy ships their tokens for ramming obstacles, and move them to obstacles your own ships are going to overlap.  Or just let them languish in limbo for the rest of the game.  The choice is yours!

Squadron Cards

Colonel Jendon is awesome.  He technically doesn't have to be able to attack in order to pass his attack around.

Dutch Vander is less awesome.  His special ability to activate an enemy squadron doesn't take effect if they are able to reduce the damage they take to zero.  Yes, this includes scattering it, Gallant Havening the damage away, or passing a single point of damage with Biggs to someone else.  Sorry Dutch.

Valen Rudor is immune to Counter.  What a smug dick.

Upgrade Cards

Admonition can only discard one token to remove one dice per attack with it's title.  This should not surprise anyone.  Yet, somehow it does.

All Fighters Follow Me! is Rieekan and not Motti.  Instead of going away when your Pelta turns into a rapidly expanding ball of gas because it ate a Demolisher to the face, the effect persists to the end of the round!  For that matter, Entrapment Formation! and Shields to Maximum! work the same way!  It also works with Independence, if anyone out there still uses that upgrade.

Fire Control Teams continue to not be worth the two points it costs to bring them along.

Flight Controllers work with Snipe.  Again, anyone going to bring some E-Wings to the party?  FFG seems to really want them to be worth the extra 2 points you pay over the X-Wing.

General Rieekan continues to have the largest FAQ entry.  This time with an edge case for if he goes flying off the board (and thus is removed from play immediately).  Any ship already destroyed (and thus affected by Rieekan's ability) continues in play until the end of the turn.  Again, an edge case (literally!)

Rapid Launch Bays.  FFG's response to "what on earth does Rapid Launch Bays actually do" is to make things super complicated.  Here's a simplified step by step:
  1. Instead of activating a squadron, you can place 1 set aside squadron within range 1 of the ship.
  2. After you place all the squadrons in this way, you can activate them and attack with them (but not move them).  You can also decline to activate them (and thus move them on a later activation).

Veteran Gunners works like we've always said it does:  You can spend things you are allowed to spend (like Accuracy results, or Hit results to the Precision Strike objective, etc.) before activating Veteran Gunners for a reroll.


  1. Doesn't look like this resolves the debate about General Rieekan and hyperspace assault.

    1. What debate about Rieekan and Hyperspace Assault?

  2. Just reading the FAQ again and re-reading planetary Ion cannon update. it says "This card’s Special Rule effect can only be used to attack 1 enemy ship per round".
    I'm reading as you can do multiple times on one enemy ship per turn, as long its one enemy ship.