Tuesday, June 12, 2018

I played some Armada! It was Fun! You should play too!

While most of my FFG gaming lately has been Legion I still sneak in the occasional game of Armada.  I still think Armada is the better game system, but Legion just has a ton of popularity locally.  Knowing that I am going to play in the Armada tournament at GenCon in a little over a month, I know that I need to start getting some practice games in.

I haven't really settled on the fleet that I want to play at GenCon.  Knowing that the participation prize is Sato has me leaning that way, but I have Raddus and Ackbar fleets that I really like too and are probably more competitive fleets.

In my most recent game I took Sato out for a run and was tabled in 4 turns....

Not great.  

In this case though, it wasn't the fleets fault, but rather my own repeated stupid mistakes.  Sato has a lo tof moving parts and my squadrons were consistently out of position, I spread my fire ineffectually, and stupidest of all I flew straight at a Vader/GT/Cymoon.  I deserved to get tabled.

Yesterday I had a re-match.  Rather than just pushing my ships across the table I decided to have a plan.  The first step was splitting my forces up on either side of the ISD.  I didn't want it able to just fly right towards me.  Sub-optimal with TF:A, but I knew I could bring my fleet in range of each other in the mid-late game.

We ended up playing my Opening Salvo.  That seems strong for my Sato force, but still has potential with his DCaps Raider 2s.

Setup.  Can you find the Hammerhead that broke off of its peg?
Not too surprisingly he shifted his fleet away from my squadrons and towards the Pelta on my left.  I sped up the HHs on my right to try and catch up.

End of Turn 1.  My goal here is to get overlapping arcs on that Cymoon.
We close in and I am able to get a shot or two off at long range.  Not much happening though.

End of Turn 2.  I turn in my far left HH to threaten Demo if it goes after my Pelta.
This is where the fireworks got started.  Opening Salvo meant there were all kinds of dice flying around.  He was able to beat up, the right pair of HHs, but lost his raider there in the exchange.  My squadrons started pecking away at the ISD, while his lone squadron hid on the station.  His other Raider was nearly one-shotted by a Hammerhead before Tycho swooped in and finished it off.

End of Turn 3.  Those Hammerheads are about to do a little whaling.
Down a pair of Raiders it was time to finish the ISD.  But not beofre Demo jumped in and offed a Hammerhead that was threatening it.  he wanted to hit the Pelta, but the hammerhead would have murdered Demo if he had tried that.  I was able to hit the ISD with the 3 remaining Hammerheads, but rolled a bit poor and it had 1 hull left.  Fortunately, the Pelta finished the job with a side arc shot from way down town.
End of Turn 4.  looking pretty good for the Rebels.
Demo was stuck at Speed 1 and only had a front arc shot on the Pelta that it easily tanked.  The Pelta responded by nuking Demo to end the game.

So, I redeemed my previous loss by tabling the same fleet.  I'm still pretty out of practice, but feel like I can get back to playing well by August.

I really like the way that this fleet plays and think it can handle a variety of opponents.  I will likely try it out in a Store Championship or two to see what I think.


  1. Nice write up and pictures! Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the report, good to see you win in a good fashion.