Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Turrets Announced for Legion!!

FFG announced 2 new units for Star Wars: Legion today.  The 1.4D Laser Tower for the Rebels and the E-Web blaster for the Imperials.

Read on for a quick analysis of these new units.

These 2 releases introduce a new unit type to the game "Emplacement Trooper".  We don't really know what that means, but it seems possible they are just a subset of Trooper in the same way that Repulsor Vehicle and Ground Vehicle are subsets of Vehicle.  

So, I am going with the assumption that they are largely treated as Troopers for Objectives and Terrain. 
I really like these.

Things I Like
  • The 1.4 FD gives the rebels a second option with Range 4 and for significantly less cost than the AT-RT with Laser Cannon.  
  • The 5 black dice with Surge is a solid amount of offense and the Impact 2 is useful against opposing vehicles.  
  • The Sentinel ability is excellent and gives it a larger threat range when on Standby. 
  • The Barrage Generator makes a ton of sense here as it makes it a significant threat to both vehicles and troopers.
  • If they do work as Troopers it will be easier to find cover for them, which will significantly improve their survival.  Area terrain woods will be their best friends.
  • Courage 2 helps with Suppression
Things I Don't Like - 
  • Stationary is a pretty big drawback.  Range 4 helps here and it shouldn't be hard to set it up where it can cover multiple objectives, but there will be games these don't get many shots.
  • With no access to Blast, Sharpshooter, or Pierce these won't do much damage to Infantry in heavy cover.
  • I love Hoth Troopers, but they really won't fit in an army with the rest of the Rebels releases in their traditional colors.  I will likely be painting mine in camo/forest colors.  Or swapping models for a different crew.
Overall, I think these are a solid new choice for the Rebels to use.  The will probably replace many of the AT-RTs being used for strictly fire support.

These are also good.

Things I Like - 
  • The Dice Pool is solid, especially for the cost
  • Surge to Crit will give it more chance to sneak hits past Heavy Cover, etc
  • Sentinel and Standby are a great way to get around Cumbersome
Things I Don't Like - 
  • While not Stationary, it is still pretty damn slow
  • It is a great unit, but it has to compete with Speeder Bikes
The E-Web is also a good unit, but doesn't fill as much of a hole as the Rebel turret does.  It is gonna have a tough time competing with Speeder Bikes for the Support slots in an army.  While it doesn't do anything especially unique, it does it for a very good cost and for that I think people will grow to really like these.


This card is sooooooo good.  Sure it has to be Refreshed, but it allows you to place Orders with tremendous flexibility.  Really the best bit is stacking the placed order token with those from Command Cards like The Force is My Ally to gain an another free Dodge Token.  If you can get this on a unit that is using weapons that Exhaust it can let them claw back a ton of activation efficiency.  Is it as good as other 10 point upgrades?  Probably.

What did you think of these new units?  Let us know in the comments.


  1. Good expansions; they appear nicely balanced between them and will mesh in interesting ways with objectives. I kinda wish the E-web used a scout trooper model rather than the snowtroopers, but it will look fine with my snows.

    HQ Uplink will be fun on a T-47 with Wedge, since both are refresh upgrades, while maintaining long range. I note that it's not unique, too so spamming it across things like speeder bikes is an option (though I don't know yet if it wuold replace my speeder bike go-to, Long Range Commlinks).

    1. I think anywhere you can get multiple Exhaust abilities in the same unit HQ Uplink can get more efficient. It would be great if you could take it with Corps Troopers squads that have Exhaust weapons for example.

  2. Though you know I wish they had not just reused Toryn Farr's artwork from Armada ...

    1. Hey Gleen,

      well, its common practice that the reuse images over several games. Most of the time, its quite nice to have a sort of continuity between the games. For this image in particular, I agree though. They have made some excellent artwork for Legion, but Torynn seems not to fit 100%. An image from a Hoth Trooper from Empire would have been cool, in my opinion.