Friday, December 11, 2015

Commander's Guide - YV-666

Here's an odd one.  What is the point of an anti-fighter squadron that is hilariously slow and Heavy?  This is a question asked by the YV-666.  Let's see if we can find the answers, together.


15 points for a Rogue with 7 hull, 2 Blue and 2 Black dice for anti-squadron.  "What's the catch?" you might ask, "That is a great deal with worse anti-squadron fighters costing 16 points or more."  Well, the YV-666 is the slowest Imperial squadron, with a speed of only 2.  To put the icing on the cake, it doesn't actually stop any enemy squadron from running away from it, because it has Heavy.  1 Blue anti-ship die and no Bomber means it isn't going to be adding much on that side of the game.  Grit means that a sacrificial squadron can't hold him in place while everyone slips past, but he doesn't even keep squadrons from shooting your ships.

So, what role does this guy fill?  Obviously he's not going to go out and catch anything with 2 Speed.  He can't keep up with Raiders going full tilt either.  It seems that his role is to be the hammer to your other squadrons' anvil - they hold the enemy squadrons in place, and he shows up to smash anything low on hull off the board.


Bossk fixes many of the YV-666's biggest flaws.  At 8 additional over the generic, Bossk clocks in at 23 points, but drops the Heavy keyword and increases his speed to 3.  He also greatly increases all armaments, buffing his anti-squadron dice to 4 Black, and his anti-ship dice to 1 Blue, 1 Black.  A single Brace is added to compliment his 7 hull.  The card text though really makes him a hunter for other named characters - "While attacking, if you have 6 or fewer hull points remaining, you may add 1 Blue die set to the 'accuracy' icon to your attack pool."

Bossk wants to do the same things the YV-666 does - smash into already engaged enemies and destroy them.  Averaging 3 damage per attack, and adding guaranteed accuracy when damaged, he is the perfect ship for hunting down slippery targets like Tycho or Howlrunner.  Unlike the YV-666 he can even do what you'd expect an anti-squadron fighter to do - hold enemies in place.

And we're finally finished with Commander's Guides for Wave 2.  Next time we'll put together everything we've learned, and talk about putting it all together into list building.

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