Saturday, December 5, 2015

Commander's Guide - YT-2400

Last time we talked about Squadrons for Rebels in Wave 2, we talked about the YT-1300 and Han Solo.  This time, we're going to talk about the "Han Solo Wannabe Hack" Dash Rendar and the YT-2400, the Rebel's first Rogue generic squadron.  Well, let's get to it.


The YT-2400 shows up for the Rebels as the first and only generic squadron to sport the Rogue keyword, making it able to run independent of squadron commands.  Unlike the Firespray-31 the Imperials get though, this squadron is all in on anti-squadron, sporting only a single Black dice and no Bomber title for anti-ship duties.  However, for anti-squadron weaponry, it comes with 4 Blue, putting it on par with X-Wings, and a total of 6 hull.  It also is the most maneuverable of the new squadrons, clocking in at a speed of 4 and making it the 2nd speediest Rebel squadron.

Between the speed and Rogue, the YT-2400 is an excellent hunter/killer and interceptor unit, able to keep up with all squadrons besides the A-Wing and TIE Interceptor.  Working in a group, they have excellent odds at dropping Scatter pilots that aren't being Escorted.  They work the best paired with A-Wings, who can tie up enemy squadrons with Speed 5, force a Counter 2 attack, and then let the YT-2400s pick off injured enemies at a safe engagement distance.  Another option is paired with Independence and a B-Wing assault, able to keep up with the activated B-Wings and add to their anti-squadron firepower.

As the only generic Rogue the Rebellion has, really they may find themselves filling a niche as the "filler" squadron - what to take if you need fighter cover and don't really have any better ideas of what to take.

Dash Rendar

If the YT-2400 is about intercepting and hunting down enemy squadrons, Dash is designed to do it better, and to punish an enemy for clustering around him.  He has the exact same stats as the generic YT-2400, but adds 2 Brace tokens for limiting damage, as well as Bomber keyword for better shots at enemy ships.  But his biggest draw is his text, which lets him reroll a dice for each enemy ship or squadron at Distance 1.

This re-roll ability turns Dash into a damage monster against other squadrons, especially if you can Escort him to keep the fire off him him specifically.  He effectively has Swarm without needing another squadron engaged as his baseline, and with 4 enemy squadrons engaged, he is rolling an effective 3 damage average with a fairly good chance of an accuracy.  His anti-ship isn't efficient, but still respectable - averaging 1.25 damage per hit, with Bomber playing into the re-roll ability.

He will excel either leading a group of other YT-2400s in swatting enemy squadrons out of the sky, or with X-Wing Escorts protecting him while he dumps big hits onto the enemy squadrons. With Brace he can also effectively harass enemy ships that are set up with double anti-squadron dice.  Don't forget, his ability triggers off of ships as well, even if he isn't shooting at the ship - park him close to an enemy ship and a squadron to make sure he gets two re-rolls instead of just one!

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